Perilous Times Primer #47
August 13, 2022
Two Little Hobbits

“The battle for helms deep is over. The battle for Middle Earth is about to
begin. All our hopes now lie with two little hobbits, somewhere in
the wilderness.” – Gandalf


Nan and I are now on our way to Australia, after almost three years of the isolation of this country. We look forward to meeting a precious little granddaughter, whom we have never seen. We will rejoice to see our extended family after so long a time. When the Covid “pandemic” took hold of the world, Australia boasted of being the nation that would lead the world into the “new world order.” To accomplish this, the most draconian rules were imposed on the people of Australia. On many social media sites, the phrase, “Australia is lost,” began to lead the trending themes. Yet, God is not done with Australia, nor with any other nation, where many believers continue to stand firm in the truth of the Word of God.

Nan and I have often applied the quest of Frodo and Samwise to ourselves. We are small and weak, yet—by God’s grace—we are of indomitable spirit. We will not cease to proclaim the mighty name of our Shepherd-Savior to our last breath! More than this, we know that, small and insignificant as we are, we represent a mighty and invincible army of saints throughout the world. So often, our task seems beyond our wisdom and strength. We often become weary, or discouraged, or even overwhelmed with the great task before us, and the forces arrayed against us.

However, at every turn we are encouraged, uplifted, rebuked, and corrected, by the loyalty and faithfulness of so many of you by your prayers, words of encouragement, and faithful offerings. So many of you, who are unnamed and unsung, provide for us the impetus to press on in the battle.

I will have the opportunity to teach a one-day seminar in Perth from the books of Habakkuk and Zephaniah. The problems of theodicy (how can a good and almighty God allow such evil on this earth?) and of concurrence (how the perfect plan of God works out in conjunction with human decisions) will give us an understanding that in spite of the schemes of man to seize control of human history, the hand of God is always at the tiller of the unfolding drama of the great redemptive plan of God.

We wanted, before we leave, to thank each of you who prays for us, spreads the Word, and continues faithfully in your own battles, for being the shield-wall that we stand behind. The battle is intensifying.

Let us stand firm at our post, until He comes!

Gene and Nan

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