Perilous Times Primer #44
March 18, 2022

The Battle for Middle Earth

“Sauron’s wrath will be terrible, his retribution swift. The battle for Helms Deep is over.
The battle for middle earth is about to begin. All our hopes now lie with
two little Hobbits, somewhere in the wilderness.”
Gandalf, The Twin Towers

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It has often been said that life imitates art. Another similar sentiment is that truth is often stranger than fiction.

Satanic Psychological Warfare

The battle for Helms Deep was the opening salvo in Sauron and Sauruman’s attempt to seize control of Middle Earth—the world of men. There have been many conjectures about why Tolkien used the term “Middle Earth”. Because of the spiritual nature of the whole saga, I am convinced that he chose it because it set the world of men between the world above (Heaven), and the world beneath (Hell). There are tremendous parallels between the story of the Lord of the Rings and current events.

It is impossible to rightly discern what is happening on this earth without tracing current events back to the source of evil—Satan himself. Once we understand the diabolical origin of this present madness, and the goals our enemy seeks to attain, we are then able to orient ourselves in the fog of this battle and play our intended part. The strategy of the devil, being implemented through corrupt and compromised politicians, physicians, and media propagandists, always follows a set pattern that is evident throughout history:

1.   Fear

There is a parable called the “tiger trap,” based on how they used to hunt man-eating tigers in India. First, a trap is prepared to look like a cave or place of escape. Then, large numbers of villagers are sent out into the jungle, beating pots and pans, raising a great ruckus. The tiger, who could easily break through the line of villagers, is panicked by the noise, and runs to the apparent safety of the trap.

Satan is a master of fear. It is his chief weapon against mankind. This is because fear was instilled in the souls of men due to Adam’s fall into sin (Gen. 3:10). In particular, the greatest fear is that of death (Heb. 2:14–15), which becomes Satan’s most potent weapon. Today, there is a constant drumbeat of impending death: from one new virus after another, from earthquakes, exploding volcanoes, spiraling inflation, and erratic weather patterns. The drumbeat of fear is an ever-increasing presence in daily life. The tiger that is the target is the freedom-loving and tyranny-resisting population of this earth. We are living in one of the greatest wars ever fought on Planet Earth. It is a war of truth versus lies, and of a demonically motivated class of tyrannical elites versus the freedom-loving people of Earth. For the last two years, we have witnessed the biggest game of “chicken” ever played. The people of this world, with empty hands and only courage in their hearts, have stood up to the most powerful and organized effort to enslave mankind ever to appear on Planet Earth.

2.   Deception (propaganda)

Fear drives those who are overwhelmed by it to seek safety. It is the tiger looking for the cave, to escape the pandemonium of the kettle-beaters. Satan’s lies and propaganda offer false “solutions” to the fear. Every solution is nothing more than a scheme to bring the subject (the tiger) into subjection and total control.

Wise and cautious minds observe and consider why there has been, with the sudden appearance of the covid virus, a perfectly coordinated plan among leaders of the nations of the world, the medical community, and the world-wide media. For something that seems to have come out of the blue, it appears that plans were in place long in advance to “use” this so-called crisis for nefarious ends.

3.   Peer Pressure (herd mentality)

This is the hive mind: the desire for acceptance and approval (comfort in uncomfortable situations). Because the natural man is basically a creature of the herd mentality, the most frightening prospect is that of being rejected from the herd. The fact that “we all agree” is of great comfort to them. To be “in the majority” is what counts, whether the majority is standing for the truth is not the issue. By virtue of being the majority, they must be right. And so those who reject the truth that to be right is to be persecuted, find comfort, not in seeking the truth (wherever that may lead), but in being “democratic,” that is, being among the majority. Too many forget the twin truths that to know the truth not only sets you free (John 8:32), but it also guarantees your persecution (2 Tim. 3:12).

4.   Isolation/Persecution

Those who resist must pay. There is no place in Satan’s dominion for independent thinkers. There can be no voices raised against the accepted narrative. All efforts to do actual research or to verify/disprove the claims of the “experts” must be labeled as dangerous misinformation. We have now come to a place where our own terror “experts” have declared that anyone who resists or contradicts the narrative put forward by the government “experts” is a dangerous terror threat. One world leader recently asked the question whether it was necessary any longer to “tolerate” those who disagree or resist. The dehumanizing and “othering” of any group of people is the prelude to justifying their persecution and extermination. Throughout history, the devil’s strategy has always been to divide and conquer. Only in the Church—the Body of Christ—are all false distinctions and divisions removed (Gal. 3:28; Col. 3:11).

Who Are the Hobbits?

In the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Hobbits are the “little people” of the Shire. They tend to shun the outside world and seek only to be left alone to enjoy their comfortable and placid lives. “No grand adventures for me!” said Bilbo, before being drawn into the very thing he dreaded. However, once they are dragged, kicking and screaming into the battle for Middle Earth, they become the key players for victory.

According to the globalists, those who consider themselves “elites,” who have claimed for themselves the right to rule over the whole Earth, we, the “little people,” whose lives do not matter to them at all, we are the Hobbits. For years now, “little people,” unknown and unappreciated, have been working diligently to uncover and expose the truth—the “ring of power”—which the elites have sought to bury under a mountain of lies. Their labors are beginning to pay off. Now, suddenly, all that has been hatefully, maliciously, labeled “conspiracy theories,” is coming to light. The truth is coming out! The corrupt politicians and their lapdog media puppets can no longer hide it.

The Storm Is Here

Now we have a war in Ukraine, and all the information coming out of the media is pushing a false narrative. This war has been building for at least eight years, and America has turned a deaf ear to the warnings. A good question to ask is why the U.S. is running at least 25 to 30 biological warfare labs in Ukraine, and why have so many of our political leaders been laundering their money through Ukraine? The truth is being covered over with breathless reports of what could easily turn into “World War Three”. But while the world is distracted with Ukraine, behind the scenes, U.S. officials are pushing forward on their scheme to impose a “vaccine passport” here in America, which would permanently rob us of our freedoms, and make the unvaccinated second-class citizens. The last two years should convince even the most skeptical that “Democratic” world leaders have a strange appetite for tyranny.

Several years ago, I was given a letter from a lady, I’ll call her “Mary,” who grew up under Communism in Poland. I have saved this letter for such a time as this. Here are a few excerpts from her letter:

“I was born in Poland 6 years after WWII. The memories I have growing up there were not pleasant at all. I remember the neighborhood I was growing up in was still devastated by the war. People worked really hard together, helping each other, because everyone was in the same situation.

We did not have the Bible, and Poland at that time was under great influence of Russia. Socialism/communism was being taught in schools and in that system, there is no place for God. Government is your god and anyone that would talk about God or speak boldly, negatively about government, they would go to jail. I lived in Poland for almost 20 years and never met a Christian, never heard the Gospel and never had a Bible.

People worked very hard for a very small salary, and they can’t even buy enough food because there is literally nothing in the store. There is no private property, government owns everything. The government controlled everything; how much electricity one can use, how much gas, etc. There were no private cars because people cannot afford it. But the people who work for the government have it all.

I remember my parents would stay in line for hours to buy some food and they would come home with only what they could get. Sometimes bread, occasionally some meat or vegetables—mainly potatoes, because food was rationed. Life was very difficult. You would have to wait weeks or even months before you could go to a doctor, by that time, some already died. We did not have a lot of good warm clothes or shoes either.

My grandparents were hiding Jews under the house, during the war. Because of that, my grandmother lost both of her eyes. German soldiers poked her eyes during intimidation to find out where the Jews are, but my grandparents did not reveal where they kept the Jewish people. My grandparents took care of them showing them love and risking the life of their own family.

I am thankful that God took the blinders off my eyes, and softened my heart, and gave me the choice to accept Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I will continue to proclaim the greatest news of all—that Jesus Christ is God and He paid the price for my/our soul.”

In her letter, which is much longer, she tells of her father, who was in a concentration camp. He was her hero. He told of a man in the camp that came up to him and said, “You know that anyone of us can be killed at any time. If that would be you, do you know where you would go?” The man explained the Gospel to him and led him to trust in Christ alone. However, he spoke little about it, because he had no Bible and did not know how to explain it.

On the outside envelope, Mary wrote, “Freedoms lost will never be regained.” We are in a time of history where either freedom-loving people will take their final stand, or the forces of tyranny will crush us all.

We are now in the greatest threat to freedom worldwide in the history of the human race. The battle is raging around us, but not with planes, tanks, ships, and guns. It is a war of truth versus lies, and the winner will either be tyranny or freedom.

I urge each and every one to draw near to our great High Priest and Savior (Heb. 4:14–16; 7:19; 10:11–18), pray as never before, be in the Word, and let it live through you. Do all that you can to win others to Christ. Hold your loved ones close. Be forgiving to those who have wronged you. Let the light and the love of Christ shine through your life. The time is short!

Looking for the “blessed hope” (Titus 2:13),


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