Perilous Times Primer #23

Are You Ready for Legalized Persecution?

 “When the wicked increase, transgression increases; but the righteous will see their fall.” Pro 29:16 NASB
Governmental Corruption Complete
In this last week, we have seen the stage finally set for both government tyranny and the persecution of Christians in America. Although founded on the principle of divided government, with three branches designed to act as a restraint on each other, our government is now essentially united in tyranny over the American people.
This began when the President of the United States, Barack Obama, decided to obey some laws and disregard others (immigration laws in particular). He has consistently chosen to be a President who favors some groups, while disregarding—or even despising—others. This corruption of power was then aided and abetted by a Congress that not only refused to stand up to his abuses, but has now cravenly buckled to his every whim.
Now that the Presidency and the Congress have been fully corrupted, there remained only the Supreme Court. However, with three decisions in the last week, we now see the total corruption of our government in every branch. The Supreme Court has now “decreed” that homosexuality is the law of the land, that the Obamacare law can be saved by reinterpreting and rewriting it, and that states may not require proof of citizenship for voting. These three decisions defy the Constitution of the United States, which every President, Congressman, and Judge has taken an oath to defend.
Don’t take my word for it. Justice Scalia has made numerous statements to the same effect. In response to the Obamacare vote, he said, “Today’s interpretation is not merely unnatural, it is unheard of.” He then quoted Alexander Hamilton, “The legislature not only commands the purse but prescribes the rules by which the duties and rights of every citizen are to be regulated. The Judiciary, on the contrary, has no influence over … the purse; no direction … of the wealth of society, and can make no active resolution whatever. It may be truly said to have neither force nor will, but merely judgment.” The intent of our Founding Fathers has been effectively nullified as of this week.
Regarding the issue of same-sex marriage, Justice Scalia says, “I write to call attention to this Court’s threat to American democracy.” Going further, he adds, “Today’s decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court.” This can be called nothing less than tyranny!
The Path to Persecution
For over twenty years, I have warned that when persecution comes to America, it will be under the guise of legal penalties imposed on Christians as “lawbreakers.” While many, through the years, have scoffed at the idea, the recent laws—enacted by a Supreme Court that has no power to enact laws—has set the stage for “legal” persecution of Christians. Not surprisingly, this is just what the Romans did. The Apostle Paul was beheaded by Rome for the high crime of treason against the Emperor. Why? Because Rome had declared that “Caesar is lord,” and demanded that everyone be willing to say it. To proclaim “Jesus is Lord,” therefore, became a crime against the Empire. In Thessalonica, the charge of treason was first spoken when Paul’s accusers said, “These [men] are all acting contrary to the decrees of Caesar: saying there is another king—Jesus” (Act 17:7).
To have pastors declaring homosexuality to be a sin, as declared in the Bible—while our government “decrees” that it is not—is not going to be tolerated. Our Supreme Court “masters” have now decreed, in essence, that it will be illegal to say, “Marriage is a union between one man and one woman.” Already, we are hearing of preachers, and even some presidential hopefuls, saying that “Now that gay marriage is the law of the land, we just need to accept it and move on.” Many will compromise on this issue to avoid the persecution that is sure to follow. Thank God there are those who will not. Franklin Graham was quoted by Todd Starnes on Fox Nation, as saying, “If pastors are going to be forced to provide marriage services for gay couples, I’m not going to do it.” Thank God for spiritual leaders of conviction!
Very soon, the line will be drawn. You have witnessed the mania following the shooting at the church in Charleston, attempting to remove every trace of the Confederacy from southern states. Just wait until we see what radical gay activists—made bold by this Supreme Court decision—will demand now. As several of their spokesmen have said, “This is not the end, this is only the beginning.”
A World on the Brink
As I have been thinking and writing today, I note that stocks have fallen drastically, due to the economic woes of Greece. What many do not understand is that the fate of Greece awaits the entire world. The economies of all major nations are on the point of collapse after decades of socialistic policies promoting welfare entitlements and the building up of ruinous debts. Our own Treasury Department has “frozen” the national debt at over 18 trillion dollars for more than 90 days. What the actual number is can only be guessed, as it continues to rise exponentially!
Meanwhile, terrorist agents seem to strike at will around the world. As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, it would be wise to avoid large gatherings. All security agencies appear to have grave concerns about potential terror attacks coming at this time. America seems, to the world, to be impotent against our enemies, and our one-time allies no longer believe they can trust us. Who can blame them? Our once-great nation seems to have lost all sanity, and our leaders have no stomach for a real fight against the growing evil around the world. They have, in fact, enshrined evil here at home.
Our Steadfast Hope
While we cannot be blind to the winds of change blowing on the world stage, we know how the story ends. Though current events are disheartening, we can never lose sight of the big picture. As the verse above states, “the righteous will see their fall.” It must always be repeated that none are righteous, except by the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ to those who believe. But, we can be sure that we will see the demise of all the players of this present chapter of world rebellion. Though our immediate path may lead into dark trials and days of affliction, the Lord Jesus Christ will be our Avenger in His perfect time. In the meantime, we need to learn to live in the reality that, “to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Phi 1:21). Once we have truly “count[ed] all things loss for … Christ,” we have nothing to fear, and only glory to anticipate (see Phi 3:7–8). It is a glorious thing to share the sufferings of Christ. And to take a stand for Him, and for the truth of His Word, will surely bring affliction in coming days. However, looking beyond the gloom, such action will bear eternal fruit and bring everlasting glory. Whatever may come, determine to stand firm in your faith, to never, ever, compromise with evil!
Live in the conviction of the Apostle Paul, that …
“… our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory,
while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen.
For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” 2Co 4:17–18
In my next post, I will list a series of steps we need to take to prepare for the coming persecution against Christians in America.
Let us live for eternity!
Pastor Gene Cunningham

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