Spiritual Warfare in Heavenly Places

An Urgent Call to Arms

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities,
against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age …” Eph 6:12
The Tale of Two Armies
The Bible reveals to us often that there is a correlation between earthly wars and the invisible struggle going on in the spirit realm. One such example is found in 2 Samuel, where David was instructed not to fight until he heard “the sound of marching troops in … the mulberry trees” (2Sa 5:24).
Another great example is found in the book of Daniel. The ninth chapter of Daniel is probably one of the most—if not the most—critical prophetic passages in all of Scripture, due to the prophecy of the 70 weeks (Dan 9:24–27). However, the leadup to the vision is that Daniel read the prophecy of Jeremiah (Dan 9:1–2), and realizing that the time for the return from the exile was near, he gave himself to fasting and prayer (Dan 9:3–19). It is interesting that Daniel is one of the most upright and faithful men of the Bible, yet he identified with the sins of Israel and confessed them as his own. This is true priesthood at work. In response to his prayer, Gabriel was sent to reveal the plan of God for Israel up to the Second Advent of Jesus Christ (Dan 9:24–27).
Then again, in chapter ten, Daniel fasts and prays for three full weeks (Dan 10:1–3). Finally, in a vision, an unnamed heavenly visitor visits Daniel again. He is told that during the full three weeks he had been praying, a spiritual battle had been raging to stop the messenger from coming to him (Dan 10:12–13). This struggle involved angelic armies and demonic forces controlling Persia and Greece (Dan 10:13, Dan 10:20–21).
The one point I want to make from these texts is that the success of elect angels in the spiritual realm over the forces of Satan seems to depend on the effective, faithful, and persistent spiritual warfare of God’s people on this earth.
America in the Balance
At the present hour in America, we are facing the greatest peril this nation has ever faced. It is not the threat of a foreign power, but rather, treason by our own leaders that is threatening future generations.
If you have been alert to the events of the past week, you are aware of rapidly changing developments. If you are well-informed, you will know that there is a mighty struggle taking place behind the scenes regarding the upcoming election. What is happening has been described by those deeply involved in the struggle as nothing less than a coup attempt by our corrupt administration, which has been met by a counter-coup from patriots within a multitude of our intelligence, law enforcement, and military agencies.
This is being referred to as the second American revolution, and the hope is that it can be accomplished peacefully. Information is limited at this point, but indications are that great events are soon to unfold. We know that America has been in the crosshairs of Satanic evil for decades as we have watched our nation descending into utter moral and spiritual darkness.
A Call to Arms
Franklin Graham has issued a “call-to-arms” by visiting every state of the union, calling Christians to pray for our nation and, at the same time, presenting the Good News of life through faith in Jesus Christ. Many have entered into the family of God through these gatherings. Believers have been challenged to engage the enemy through our greatest spiritual weapon—prayer, as royal priests (1Pe 2:9).
I write this hasty note to add my voice to that of Rev. Graham and others, and urge all who are within my “reach” to join in the great revolution that is taking place.
Specifically, I would encourage each one of you to fast and pray over the next three days (November 6–8). Consider skipping one meal each day, spending the time reading a passage like Psalm 20, and praying for God to deliver our nation. Or, for the spiritual “Rangers,” fast for the full three days, and give yourselves to prayer several times each day, that God would marshal His angelic forces and bless the patriots who are, even now, taking great personal risks for us all as they wage a counter-insurgency against the demonic evil represented by our current administration and the elites of both of our corrupted political parties.
Like Daniel, confess the sins of America as our own, and cry out for God’s forgiveness of our faithlessness (again, Dan 9:3–19).
Like many of you, I have prayed for years that God would expose the evil of those at the highest levels of our government. He has heard our prayers! Many across this land have also prayed that God would raise up men with wisdom in places of power to lead the fight for us. Again, He has heard our prayers. Now the fight is engaged. I will not look back and regret that I failed to enter the fight. Join me in hammering the throne of God with prayers for His intervention in this most perilous of hours. We know that when the enemy is desperate, he will resort to the most fiendish of tactics. Let us stand together for the truth of God’s Word and the liberty of this land that we love!
“Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those [against us].” 2Ki 6:16
May God have mercy on these United States of America!
Before the Throne,

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