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Fellow Bible Students, Time is short; people are hungry for Biblical answers. Both before and after the Rapture of the Church, non-Christians need a clear Gospel message and warning about God's prophesied Wrath. Christians currently need encouragement about God's plan and our soon meeting of Jesus in the clouds. To [...]

The Gift — a new evangelism booklet

Fellow Saints, Basic Training Bible Ministries is pleased to offer a new booklet (4.5 x 6.5 inch) by Nan Cunningham, which is now available 1) on-line to read or download, share electronically (foward this email to a friend), or ordered using our book order form. This is a great way [...]

By-verse Notes on Ephesians

If you cannot see the entire document, click here INTRODUCTIONThe epistle to the Ephesians has been both a blessing and a “mystery” to many Bible students and scholars through the ages. Some have called it “the Queen of the Epistles,” and others “the Alps of the Epistles.” Coleridge said that [...]

Streaming — AR Conference, 13-15 May, 2022

Fellow Bible Students, Join Grace Bible Church of Hot Springs, Arkansas and Basic Training Bible Ministries on 13 – 15 May, 2022 for a weekend Bible Conference. Gene Cunningham will teach “The Power of Biblical Meditation” based on Psalm 1:1-2. The conference will be held at at our new building, [...]

By-verse Notes on NT Compilation–Part 1

Click here if you cannot see the entire document >>>This paperback book is now orderable HERE<<< PREFACE While I was teaching in Myanmar/Burma in March 2019, some of my long-term, advanced students suggested that I go through the New Testament and provide basic notes, which they could then be able [...]

By-verse Notes on Philemon

Click here if you do not see the entire document INTRODUCTION The little personal letter that we know as Philemon is one of the great prison epistles (Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon). Even though he was in a Roman prison (Acts 28:16, 30–31), Paul continued to be more than a [...]

Bible Conference Video, Audio available

Fellow Bible Students, If you missed them, or would just like to review the latest Bible conferences, they are posted now. Just click on the title: Virginia April 8-10 "As you see the Day approaching: What day are you looking for?" (video, audio and conference notes) Texas April 1-3 "Words [...]

Website Demos for PCs and Phones

Hello Web Users, Here are two demos to how you the basics of using our website. PC Website Demo with narration While we don't have an app for phones, the website is mobile friendly and this iPhone demo shows how it can be added to your home screen: iPhone demo

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