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Fellow Bible Students,

You may not know this, but you can listen to old and new Basic Training Bible Ministries audio lessons as podcasts on your mobile device or PC. Our latest podcast series is an on-going weekly study in Colossians. Of course you can always visit the website to listen directly, but an advantage of a podcast is that you can download lessons directly and listen via your podcast app even when you have limited internet connectivity. Another advantage is getting notified by your device when new lessons you haven’t heard are available.

The BTBM website footer has links to our Apple iTunes and TuneIn podcasts to which you can subscribe. Alternatively, in your podcast software or app (or even Amazon Music now), you can search for “Basic Training Bible Ministries” and find us. For your convenience, though, just select the appropriate app icon below (the last one is the TuneIn app).

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BTBM Staff