The Race of Life

  1. The race of life is a source of joy to the one who has built strength, who has trained. A strong man loves the challenge of the race (Psa 19:5). The Christian way of life is enjoyable when we follow the training program.
  2. Endurance to run the race comes from the persistent study of the Word of God. Faithfulness to study will enlarge our hearts (Psa 119:32). We will not be any more persistent in application than we are in study.
  3. To keep from stumbling, we have to stay in our own lane, we have to pay attention to the course set before us (Pro 4:12).
  4. The only way to build endurance is to build faith (Isa 40:31).”Wait” in Isa 40:31 is qawah, the strongest Hebrew word for faith. We do not reach the point where we consistently exchange our strength for His until we have worked our way through amen (leaning faith), batach (wrestling faith), chasah (refuge faith), and yachal (healing faith).
  5. Our failure in small things tells us that we have an urgent need to build strength or we will fail in the great things (Jer 12:5).
  6. Disobedience hinders our running (Gal 5:7).
  7. The object of the race is to win (1Co 9:24). We are not competing with anyone else; we are competing with ourselves. Each of us has to take responsibility for our own race—a race that has been perfectly matched to us by an omniscient God. He has provided everything we need to win.

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