The Paradox of History

Jesus came in the fullness of time. The stage of history was set, but the world was not ready for how He came.

In the Roman Empire, all the hopes and dreams of the human race met with an amalgamation of all the empty promises of this world.

Every religion had been tried, each philosophy entertained, and the hearts of men were left jaded and cynical.

Under Caesar’s banner, the wisdom of Athens, the glory of Rome and the religion of Jerusalem all had their place. Yet, a spiritual vacuum permeated the world.

At that time, the philosophers of Greece, the statesmen and seers of Rome, and the sages of the East all spoke of the long-awaited Light that would come out of the province of Palestine. These are not flights of fancy, but matters of historical fact.

Just when the souls of men had tried everything from the asceticism of the stoic to the gluttony of the Epicurean—all to no avail—Jesus stepped onto the stage of history. Not in a temple in Jerusalem, but in a cave outside Bethlehem. Not in the Praetorium of Rome, but into the family of a peasant couple, came the Light of the World and the hope of every human heart.

In the very manner of His birth, there is found a simple parable that defies the pretentious and rigorous logic of the great minds and the empty rituals of this world. This parable is of a wise and powerful God whose creation had forsaken Him, reducing Him to a beggar’s estate in the humiliation of seeking His own—only to be rejected, scorned and crucified.

Yet, God won the victory in the resurrection of Jesus Christ! He demonstrated in His role on the stage of history that loves never fails … that the meek do inherit … that wisdom may appear foolish—but that power is perfected through weakness.

By simple child-like faith in Him, we too enter into the drama—discovering the treasure hidden in the field of this world—that life comes only through death, victory only by surrender, and the crown only through the cross.

All true and lasting wisdom is wrapped in paradox and the enigma of the cross will teach us … that the Light of God appears out of darkness … that the strength of God is discovered through weakness … and that the peace and comfort of God is found in the midst of conflict and heartache.

And the key that unlocks that mystery is … faith!

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