The Character of Grace

God set a regulation at the beginning of human history for how He would be worshipped (Exo 20:24-25). Altars to Him were to be made of earth or uncut stones only. They were not to be improved or embellished in any way. There were to be no steps up to the altar. The Lord wanted to make it absolutely clear to any who would approach Him that nothing man does or makes on his own can be pleasing to Him and that man cannot meet Him halfway. Human altars are always beautiful. But God does not want human beauty; He wants humility. Grace is God’s policy in dealing with the human race. In grace, God does all the work; there is no room for human works.

  1. Grace and works are as mutually exclusive as light and dark.
  2. Grace plus works is not grace.
  3. Works involve many things, such as motive, intent, purpose.
  4. The attitude behind works is always pride.
  5. The attitude that accepts grace is always humility.
  6. Grace plus humility equals power.


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