Five Factors of Effective Faith

Dan. 11:32-35

EFFECTIVE FAITH IS BUILT ON GENUINE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. This means knowing God, not just knowing about Him. We come to know him as Creator through His creation. (Rom. 1:18-21), He reveals Himself to us through His word (2Ti. 3:16-17), and we come to know him in a personal way through Jesus Christ our redeemer (Phi. 3:7-14).

EFFECTIVE FAITH IS SPIRITUAL POWER AT WORK. James says that “Faith without works is dead”. (Jam. 2:17, Jam. 2:26) Faith takes the power of God’s Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23) and word (Heb. 4:12) and puts it to work in life (Mat. 5:13-16, Eph. 2:10). Power is the characteristic of the growing Christian. (Eph. 1:18-19, Eph. 3:14-19; Col. 1:24-29; 2Pe. 1:5-7)

EFFECTIVE FAITH TURNS PERSONAL FAITH INTO PUBLIC MINISTRY. Every believer in Jesus Christ is an Ambassador of the Lord (2Co. 5:14-21), a Priest of God (1Pe. 2:5-9), and a minister to other believers (1Co. 12:4-11). We all have a teaching ministry to others by our words and deeds (Heb. 5:11-14, 1Th. 1:3-10). The Apostle Paul sees this task as a mission of obligation, opportunity and honor in Rom. 1:14-17.

EFFECTIVE FAITH WILL ALWAYS RESULT IN PERSECUTION. In times of persecution, God gives the believer who is faithful “a little help,” because a little help combined with effective faith is always enough! It only took David one stone and faith to slay Goliath. Because this world hates Jesus Christ (Joh. 15:18-24), it also hates and persecutes those who most reflect Him (Mat. 5:10-12, 2Ti. 3:12). It is the highest honor a believer can attain, to share in his Master’s sufferings. (Phi. 1:27-30, Col. 1:24, 1Pe. 4:12-14)

EFFECTIVE FAITH FOLLOWS A PATH OF CONTINUAL REFINING, PURIFYING. This is the “Faith to faith” principle of Rom. 1:17.  Pro. 4:18 compares this path to the growing light of dawn turning to day. Cleansing is a major theme in Salvation (Eph. 5:26, Joh. 13:10), Spiritual growth (1Jo. 1:7) and in Confession and correction (1Jo. 1:9, 2Ti. 2:19-22). David gives a beautiful picture of God’s power and willingness to forgive and cleanse in Psa. 51. The path of correction is outlined in Jam. 4:6-10.

APPLICATION: In Dan. 12:3 we see the ultimate end of those who pursue and attain to effective faith. Our resurrection bodies will shine like the stars of heaven, some faintly, others brilliantly. Which will you choose to be?

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