1. True rest in soul and spirit is found only in the presence of God (Exo 33:14; Psa 116:7).
  2. Rest cannot be found in escaping from our problems. Even David would have liked to have flown away (Psa 55:6), but there comes a time when we must face our problems and stand on our own, a time when we cannot lean on anyone else but God.
  3. Outside of faith there will always be chaos; spiritual rest is unattainable to those who will not believe (Isa 28:12; Isa 30:15; Isa 57:20-21; Mat 11:28-29).
  4. God has provided in His Word a solution for every problem we will ever face; we enter His rest when we believe His Word (Heb 4:1-3).
  5. Jesus invites the world to find rest in Him—the rest of salvation (Mat 11:28) and the rest of spiritual growth (Mat 11:29).
  6. The rest God gives is eternal in nature (Rev 14:12-13).
  7. For all who reject Jesus Christ there is eternal unrest (Rev 4:11).

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