Seven Steps to Spiritual Recovery

Jam. 4:6-10

PRINCIPLE: “But He gives greater grace. Therefore the scripture says, “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble‘”. (Jam. 4:6)

THE FIRST STEP IS SPIRITUAL SUBMISSION TO GOD. The word here means to “Take your rightful place in rank”. This is a total and unconditional release of any right or claim to your life. It is “Putting Jesus Christ on the throne of your life“. (1Pe. 3:15)

IN THIS SUBMISSION, WE CAN NOW RESIST THE DEVIL. This resistance is in the power of faith, in the filling of the Spirit. Satan will try to hinder our recovery. We must lay aside “entangling sins” (Heb. 12:1), “come to our senses” (Luk. 15:17) and “escape the snare of the devil” which captivates us. (2Ti. 2:26)

WE CAN NOW BEGIN THE JOURNEY HOME AND DRAW NEAR TO GOD. Just as the Father in the story of the prodigal (Luk. 15:11-32), God is awaiting our return. Once we start home, He will meet and welcome us. This is the point where we begin applying the steps of 2Pe. 1:5-7.

RECOVERY DEMANDS CORRECTION OF HABITS AND ACTIONS. The hands here speak of what we do. “Cleanse” is “to wash“. This requires confession of deeds done (1Jo. 1:9) and washing our actions in applying the word. (Eph. 5:26)

THERE MUST ALSO BE THE PURIFICATION OF DOUBLEMINDED ATTITUDES. This “doublemindedness” (Jam. 1:8), is a wavering between God’s will and our own will. “Thy Will” (Mat. 26:39) must take precedence over “my will” (Jam. 4:13-15, Isa. 14:12-15). This decision must take place for true revival; see 1Ki. 18:21.

ONLY BY THE TRUE REPENTANCE WILL ONE ENDURE THE LONG JOURNEY HOME. The path of spiritual recovery is often painful. We must face all of the bad decisions made in departing from the will of God. The key phrase is “be turned“, the root idea of repentance. What provided “laughter” on the way down, now becomes a cause of “mourning and weeping” as we return to God. Compare Jesus’ words, Mat. 5:4, Mat. 5:8.

WHEN WE ARE BACK IN HIS PRESENCE, HUMILITY WILL CARRY US TO BLESSING. The “presence of the Lord” is the completion of our recovery. Jonah “fled from the presence of the Lord” (Jon. 1:3), that is, the plan for God for us as far as location, function and attitude. As with the prodigal, we are now fully equipped to serve and enjoy fellowship with the Father, for His plan for us never changes. (Rom. 11:29)

APPLICATION: Whereas Jam. 4:10 speaks to the believer after recovery, 1Pe. 5:6 gives the same instruction, but to one “under the mighty hand of God“. Compare David in Psa. 38:1-2.

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