The Holy Spirit and Christ

    The Holy Spirit is, like the Father and the Son, both personal and individual. Though all three members of the Trinity are equal and share the same divine essence (Isa 6:8–9; Jer 31:31–34; 1Co 12:11; 2Co 13:14), the works of each differ. The Holy Spirit was intimately involved in the work of Jesus Christ on earth.
  1. The Holy Spirit was the agent of Christ’s conception (Mat 1:18).
  2. The Holy Spirit’s sustaining ministry to the incarnate Christ was prophesied in the Old Testament (Isa 11:2–3, Isa 42:1–4; Mat 12:18–21).
  3. The Holy Spirit was given without measure to Christ (Joh 3:34).
  4. The Holy Spirit had a special relationship to Christ during Christ’s earthly public ministry (Mat 3:16–17, Mat 4:1; Mar 1:12).
  5. The Holy Spirit provided the power of Christ’s earthly ministry (Mat 12:28; Luk 4:14–15).
  6. At the cross, the Holy Spirit withdrew from Christ. During the last three hours on the cross, the Holy Spirit did not sustain Jesus, who was—in that time—experiencing spiritual death (Mat 27:46; Mar 15:34; Psa 22:1).
  7. The Holy Spirit was actively involved in Christ’s resurrection (Rom 1:4, Rom 8:11; 1Pe 3:18).
  8. The Holy Spirit provided the power for the resurrection ministry of Christ (Act 1:2).
  9. As the Holy Spirit empowered Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry, so He empowers the Body of Christ—the Church—today through the filling of individual Christians (1Co 12:7–13; Eph 5:17–18).


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