Daily Disciplines

  1. Begin each day filled with the Holy Spirit (Eph 5:18, the command; 1Jo 1:9, the method; 1Co 11:28-31, the promise) and keep current through the day in confessing sins—mental sins, verbal sins, overt sins.
  2. Meet the day with study and prayer (2Ti 2:15, 2Ti 3:16-17; 2Pe 3:18, the command to study; Pro 8:33-35, the promise; 1Th 5:17; Phi 4:6, the command to pray; Jam 5:16, 1Jo 5:14-15, the promise).
  3. Be alert to apply the faith-rest technique daily (Pro 3:5-6, the command; Psa 37:4-7, the promise).
  4. Be alert to open doors of service (1Pe 3:15; Col 4:17).
  5. Make family the base of operations in applying doctrines (Col 3:17-21).


    This material was originally a highlighted topic in "The Basics".

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