Divine Wisdom

  1. Divine wisdom abides forever (1Pe 1:25); earthly wisdom is passing away (1Co 2:6).
  2. The world rejects divine wisdom by rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ, the personification of wisdom (Joh 1:14, Joh 1:17; 1Co 2:8; Col 2:3).
  3. Divine wisdom could never have been found by man; it had to be revealed by the Spirit (1Co 2:7, 1Co 2:10-11; 2Pe 1:19-21).
  4. Divine wisdom cannot be perceived through human senses (1Co 2:9) but only through divine revelation and spiritual perception (Eph 3:18-19; 2Ti 3:16).
  5. Since divine wisdom is a gift of God (Jam 1:5, Jam 3:17-18), it can be received only by faith (1Co 2:12; Rom 10:17).
  6. The faith that can appropriate divine wisdom must come through instruction (Rom 10:14-17; 1Co 2:13; Eph 4:11-16).
  7. It is impossible to be spiritual and at the same time be negative to spiritual truth or Bible study (Heb 5:11).
  8. Divine wisdom is a characteristic of spiritual maturity (1Co 2:1; Heb 5:11-14, Heb 6:1-2).

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