The Importance of the Word of God

    1. The Bible is the mind of Christ—His thinking on every subject (1Co 2:16).
    2. God places the highest priority on His Word and has magnified it above His very name (Psa 138:2).
    3. The Word existed, in the form of wisdom, before human history (Pro 8:22–30).
    4. The Bible surpasses all human intellectual achievement (1Co 1:17–31; 2Pe 1:19–21).
    5. The Bible is our most important provision for daily life (Mat 4:4; Luk 10:41–42).
    6. Our response to the Bible determines whether we will receive God’s blessing or cursing in time (Eph 3:16–20; Pro 8:33–36; Isa 53:10).
    7. Our response to the Bible is the basis for our eternal reward (Heb 11:9–13; Jam 1:25, Jam 2:12–13; 2Jo 8; Heb 10:35–36).
    8. Nations stand or fall based on their attitude toward the Bible (Hos 4:1-6).

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