Small Things

Shamgar had an ox goad
David had a sling
Dorcas had a needle
Rahab had some string
Mary had some ointment
Moses had a rod
What small thing do you have
That you’ll dedicate to God?

What can God use to accomplish His purpose? Anything we will give Him, but especially He delights in using small things:

A shepherd’s rod

(Exo 4:2)

The jawbone of an ass

(Jud 15:15)

Five smooth stones

(1Sa 17:40)

A handful of meal

(1Ki 17:12)

A little jar of oil

(2Ki 4:2)

A small cloud

(1Ki 18:44)

A little man

(Zec 4:10)

A mustard seed

(Mat 13:32)

Five loaves and two fishes

(Joh 6:9)


This material was originally a highlighted topic in "The Basics".

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