Summer 2016

“Blessed be the LORD,
Because He has heard the voice of my supplication.
The LORD is my strength and my shield;
My heart trusted in Him, and I am helped;
Therefore my heart exults,
And with my song I shall thank Him.”
Psa 28:6–7
The Persecuted Church
All around the world, persecution of Christians is intensifying. We are not being given the news about the horrible abuses and absolute slaughter of Christians. Under great pressure from organizations like Judicial Watch (, Secretary of State John Kerry finally admitted that there is genocide against Christians going on in the Middle East. However, the admission is hollow, for this administration has no intention of lifting a finger to aid the persecuted.
I urge you first of all to pray for the Persecuted Church. Fortunately, in many places, Christians are waking up to the fact that no one will protect them—they must protect themselves. They are beginning to arm themselves and fight back. Pray for the defense of their families, homes, and villages. Further, I encourage you to support organizations that rescue Christians under threat. Three that we support financially, and with prayer, are Franklin Graham’s organization (, Jay Sekulow’s American Center for Law and Justice (, and Walid Shoebat’s group that rescues persecuted Christians ( Funds sent to these organizations should be earmarked for Christian rescue operations.
During the greatest persecution against Christians in history, we simply cannot ignore the sufferings of members of the Body of Christ. As always, however, it is also important to realize that persecution strengthens the Church. Many “nominal” Christians (in name only) are being forced to consider the claims of Christ with a renewed gravity. The courage of those of genuine faith in facing death is having a great impact on the population in general and on their persecutors in particular. Jesus Christ is on the Throne of Heaven, and He rules over the events of time. Unless He comes quickly, the Church in America will surely face increased persecution.
We can learn much by observing our brothers and sisters in facing the fires of persecution!
“Let love of the brethren continue … remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them,
and those who are ill-treated, since you yourselves also are in the body.” Heb 13:1, Heb 13:3
Please pray for:
  • Rocky Mountain Bible Conference—May 27–29. Pray for Ron and Gloria Bassett as they plan and host the conference. Pray for Gene as he prepares and teaches on “The Gospel According to David.” Pray for safe travel for those coming in from out of town.
  • Austin Bible Church Ladies’ Retreat—June 3–4. Nan and Falon will be teaching on glory and suffering.
  • Arkansas Youth Camp—June 6–10. The theme is “Anti-Fragile Faith,” Pro 24:16. Pray for Grace Bible Church, Mark and Kathryn Goad, Cheryl and Monty Watkins and team as they make plans and preparations for the camp. Pray for Mark, Gene, Nan and others as they teach at the camp. Ask God to be preparing the hearts of the children, youth, and adults to receive God’s Word by faith.
  • Continue to pray for Pastor Michael Pijai as he recovers from dengue fever.
  • Pray for the July courses at Ese Bible Institute. Roger Thiele will be traveling over with a team from his church to teach the Bible institute students. Gene and Nan will be traveling over for Gene to teach the graduate students and for Nan to do women’s and children’s ministry. Overseas travel begins on June 26; classes in Numba begin on July 4.


  • Following our time in PNG, we will go to Australia for a Bible Conference with Cross Road Bible Church. Pray for Gene and Daniel as they teach the Word of God, addressing difficult passages of Scripture.
  • Give thanks for PJF as he is recovering well from his heart attack. Pray for his church expansion. They were recently able to purchase the house next door from a Muslim family, which enabled them to enlarge their main church building. Construction is underway!
  • Give thanks that Joshua was accepted into a good Bible college in India to get his master’s degree in theology. Pray for him as he enters into this further study, commencing on June 5. Pray for the provision of his tuition as well.
  • Pray for Throngji. He has been diagnosed with a brain tumor that has been affecting his hearing and causing some dizziness and blackouts. Surgery is necessary but will be dangerous. He will be travelling to Chennai this week for surgery. The surgery will take place the first week of June. Pray for a safe surgery, full recovery, provision for medical expenses, and for his witness while in the hospital. Pray for his wife Ayangla and family as well.
  • Pray for the orphans and staff at Bethel Children’s Home.
  • Pray for Kihoto Theological Seminary. The students are on summer holiday right now but the remote KTS campus is undergoing some much-needed construction. Pray for Atho, as he will be moving into the position of Dean of the Seminary.
  • Pray for Pastor Peter and Prema, for their Bible institute, church, and orphanage ministry.
  • Give thanks that all of the orphans have now been financially supported by individuals and families in the United States. Many of these dear children have been through very difficult and painful experiences. Pray for their hearts to be comforted by Jesus Christ and for their young lives to be dedicated to serving Him.
  • Give thanks that God provided for a full-time worker for Prema to have help with the cooking and cleaning at the orphanage—she needed it!
  • Pray for Pastor Tika and his wife as they travel to various areas of Nepal to distribute The Basics in Nepalese and to train pastors and church leaders.
Zambia/ Zimbabwe
  • Pray for the pastors and leaders of Redemption Evangelistic Ministries. Pray for the completion of their main church building and meeting center in Lusaka.
  • Pray for Pastor Ken Mawire. He has been suffering some health issues lately but continues on, tirelessly serving the Lord in difficult situations. Pray for plans to build a training center.
  • Pray for Julio and Betty Elias. Julio continues to train students in his town and a nearby area. Pray for plans to build a training center so that we don’t have to keep renting one.
  • Pray for their daughter Olga, as she desires to go to university but tuition is a problem.
We are so blessed by your commitment, prayers, and support. And so are many of your brothers-and sisters-in-Christ around the world as you minister to them in prayer.
To God be the glory!
Gene and Nan


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