“Hear my prayer, O Lord, give ear to my supplications! Answer me in Your faithfulness, in Your righteousness!” Psalm 143:1

We just finished up the Fourth Annual Arizona Cowboy Conference and were blessed by the truth of God’s Word and rich fellowship with His people. The attendees came from six different states, and it was a joy to spend time with friends—both old and new. Thank you to all who prayed for Gene’s studies and preparations, and for the conference itself. God answered those prayers in His faithfulness and righteousness. We now pray that you will be blessed by reading the notes and listening to the audio lessons online. Please pray for upcoming conferences in Pennsylvania (October 25–27) and in Kansas (November 1–3).

This summer, Basic Training Bible Ministries has been busy replenishing our depleted supply of books. A spiral-bound version of the revised The Basics and Christian Warrior have already been printed and another perfect-bind version of The Basics, Who Dares Wins, and Eshet Chayil, Woman of Honor will go to print soon. Our editors, Sharon and Claudia, put a lot of labor into revising The Basics, and at our office in Arkansas, Cheryl had a long list of orders to fill. You can imagine Cheryl’s “delight” when this trailer of books arrived at our office!

We appreciate all of you who give so graciously. This enables the printing to continue and books to be sent out worldwide. Again, God is abundantly faithful!


BTBM is sending a team of five to Peru and Ecuador to teach at pastors’ conferences in conjunction with Julio and Betty. The trip is September 16–28. The team will be composed of Pastor Doug and Kristy Wray from Mountain Peaks Bible Church in Kalispell, Montana, Lynn Cunningham and Gene’s sister, Cindy, and her husband Apolos Garcia. Please pray for their safe travel and effective ministry. Pray for the pastors who will be in attendance, that they clearly understand God’s Word and are edified and encouraged in their ministries. Pray for Julio and Betty as they receive the team and lead them through the challenges of travel and ministry. 


The Bible College in India continues to meet the first week of each month under the leadership of PJF. The college is designed to equip young, untrained pastors for their work in the villages. The October session will be taught by Joel LeBret, and Doug Wray will teach in November. Gene will be taking them through the Book of Romans in the December session.

Pray for the persecution of believers in India as they are subject to a very anti-Christian government at this time.

Pray for the health of PJF and Aruna as they labor in love for the sake of the Gospel. 

Pray for Pastor Mahesh and his wife Sunitha as they are facing some trials in their lives and ministry. 

Pray for the construction of new churches under the provision of CORE.


Continue to pray for Throngji and the children and workers at Bethel Children’s Home.

Continue to pray for staff and students at Kihoto Bible College

BTBM will be helping with an exciting outreach at Christmas time. The senior students from Kihoto Bible College will be traveling down to Hyderabad (a big adventure for them as most have never been beyond the Naga mountains!) on their Christmas break to help minister with PJF in his church and in nearby villages. This is a time of hands-on training for the students and will be encouraging to PJF’s family and ministry as well. Twenty-five students with chaperones will be traveling down by train and will cover the cost of their train fare through fundraising projects at the school. We will provide the money for them to fly back home at a cost of $100 per student. If you would like to sponsor a student for this Christmas mission, donations can be sent to BTBM and marked for “KTC Mission.” Please pray for this mission as it is a first for all parties concerned!


Please pray for RJ, our Lisu contact and translator in Myanmar as he too is being tested in some very difficult ways. 

The Lisu people have asked Gene to write a New Testament Bible Commentary focusing on five areas of doctrine that need to be scripturally clarified in their minds. These topics are:

  1. Grace,
  2. The Gospel,
  3. Eternal Security,
  4. Christian Living, and
  5. End-Times Events.

This is a big undertaking and, due to the magnitude of the subject, we will be cutting back some on our overseas travel this next year to secure the time to do this writing. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to provide wisdom and help. The above-mentioned five doctrinal topics are the main issues of confusion in areas all over the world so, once completed, this work can also be translated into other language groups where we work.


Pastor Tika and Martha travel extensively throughout Nepal to distribute and teach The Basics book in Nepalese. They are currently out of copies of the translation. Please pray for the provision to reprint The Basics in Nepalese. 

Pray for Pastor Bhim and Prema. They are currently living in Canada to pastor and train Nepalese people in that country. The orphanage in Kathmandu continues to house and educate young orphans under the care of their son. Pray for the orphans and the workers in the home. 


By God’s grace, the old preacher, Ken Mawire, continues to minister in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Pray for him as he passionately serves the Lord even in his aging years! 


Faisal and Carrie are currently in Pakistan. Pray for their safety and effective ministry

Every day, we feel abundantly blessed to be joyfully serving God, kept by our faithful and righteous Lord, and supported by your gracious gifts and precious prayers. Let’s praise Him together for His great grace, love, and truth. 

Standing with you for the sake of the Gospel,

Gene and Nan

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