Dear Friends and Family,
As we are in transit to Asia, we write to ask you once again to join us in prayer over the next five weeks as we travel and minister in some more remote corners of the world. We are encouraged by your joint participation in this work, and comforted by the faithfulness of God to protect, provide, and guide His people regardless of where they are on the Earth! We know He is faithful, and we saunter on in His lavish love.
Please include Blair and Aurora in your prayers as this fine young couple will be travelling and ministering with us each step of the way:
  • January 16, arrival in Asia
  • January 17, travel to Area 1
  • January 19, helicopter into the mountain villages
  • January 20–February 1, ministry in Area 1, Gene and Blair will be doing a pastors’ conference and teaching at a remote Bible College. Nan and Aurora will be doing five different VBS classes and having some opportunity for ladies classes.
  • February 2, helicopter out of the mountains
  • February 3, travel out of Area 1
  • February 4, travel to Area 2
  • February 5–11, village ministry and pastors’ conference
  • February 11, travel to Area 3
  • February 12–20, village ministry in Area 3 and pastors’ conference
With grateful hearts,
Gene and Nan

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