"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: 'May they prosper who love you.

May peace be within your walls. And prosperity within your palaces.'” Psalm 122:6–7

Today we leave for our “Lord of Battle” tour of Israel, visiting many of the sites of the battles for Israel’s existence—both ancient and modern. The spiritual implication we gain from these historical sites is that, in a fallen world, the walk of faith will always be a warfare between the forces of Light and of darkness. Each one of us who have committed our trust to the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ stands on our own battlefield.

Long before the history of this struggle began, God planned that we would be born in the time and place that we now call our own generation. And to every generation of believers is committed the task of proving the power of faith in the truth of God’s Word—often in what seem to be overwhelming odds—to both the seen and the unseen realm. As you pray over these requests, know that you are providing invisible, yet powerful support to your fellow-soldiers on the front lines of this battle. Be assured, also, that God will raise up others to lift you up in your fight. And never forget the words of David that continue to ring down through the ages: “The battle is the LORD’s” (1Sa 17:47).

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When we visited Mexico in March, we became acquainted with several missionaries and indigenous workers. They all serve in risk of their lives due to the violent nature of life in Mexico. Recently, the situation has intensified, and some of those who we support have been asked by their mission board to relocate in order to ensure the safety of their work.

In this regard, please pray for Salvador and Andi Nunez and their family of five children and Edwin and Americus Coronado and their two children. Continue to pray for their work amongst the Cora Indians and their work in translating the Bible into the Cora language. Pray for Joaquin and Angelica as they travel to remote areas to evangelize and teach among Huichol Indians.


Please pray for PJF, his family and ministry. He wrote recently asking us for prayer due to the increasing persecution of Christians in India. These are his words:

“Please pray for the church in India. Things are changing very [quickly] against the church—political

powers and religious powers coming together against the ministry. Now through the TV media, they are openly

abusing church ministry as a scam and business, creating [a] bad view in people’s minds.”

Please pray for the present situation in India.

Continue to pray for Joshua as he finishes up his last year of seminary in preparation for ministry.


Thanks to your prayers and the healing grace of God, Throngji has completed radiation for his brain tumor and has returned back home. He asks for prayer for the orphans at Bethel Children’s Home and for the students training at Kyoto Bible College.


Please pray for:

Peter and Prema and the orphans

Tika and Martha: Pray for this couple as they travel the difficult roads of Nepal to teach God’s Word in village areas.


Julio continues to travel and teach when finances and road conditions allow. Keep him and his family in your prayers.


Roger Thiele recently taught the October class at Ese Bible Institute. This was the last class in a two-year series for the students who will be graduating in January. We will travel there for the graduation, welcome in a new group of students and minister to pastors, women and children. Pray for the ones who will be graduating, for God to lead them into the place of ministry He has designed and equipped for them.


Blair and Aurora Buselli are passionate about evangelizing and reaching this generation with sound teaching of God’s Word. They are working on a website with posts for young people and developing a remote training center for face-to-face ministry. Please pray for them and check out adullam.co.

As always, we appreciate your prayers and devotion to God’s amazing and perfect plan!

Sojourning on!

Gene and Nan

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