“O Lord, I beseech You, may Your ear be attentive to the prayer of Your servant and prayer of Your servants who delight to revere Your name Nehemiah 1:11

We will soon be departing for ministry in Asia: Gene to one country and Nan to another. We would both appreciate your prayers on behalf of the mission the Lord has given us to do. 

Nan and team (Jeanie and Katie) will be departing for the annual children’s ministry. This is our 18th year to work with PJF to reach Hindu and Muslim children with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to instruct the Christian children in their understanding of God’s Word and their relationship with our Savior. As you pray, please remember to pray for PJF, Joshua, and their team as they host us and work very hard to facilitate the ministry there.

Here are some dates for your prayers:

  • April 18–19, travel
  • April 21, church ministry
  • April 22–25, main children’s Bible school in the city
  • April 26–May 5, children’s Bible schools in the villages
  • May 6–9, training pastors and their wives from a remote tribal area in women’s and children’s ministry
  • May 10, travel
  • April 26, Gene and Blair will be departing for a different country in Asia to work with the Lisu people in three different locations. The ministry will involve conferences with pastors and church leaders. Please pray for them and for their translator and organizer, Robert
  • May 10, Gene and Nan will link up and travel together to another location. This will involve long hours of overland travel to get to the destination. PJF will be joining us for this portion of the ministry. Please pray for safety in the air and on the roads. We will be able to spend some time at Bethel Children’s Home and hopefully encourage the orphans and workers there. 
  • May 14–16, Theological Conference with Yimchunger church leaders: pastors, youth pastors, women, and children’s ministry leaders. Please pray for the powerful teaching of God’s Word. The theme for the conference is “The Impact of the Gospel on Culture.”  
  • May 17–20, travel home

Papua New Guinea

Classes at Ese Bible Institute were held in January, February, and March. The students are now back in their villages until the July course. Please pray:

  • that, during these months away from the college, they will be able to assimilate the truths they have been taught and put them into practice in their personal lives and ministries;
  • for Ese Bible Institute as the whole ministry there goes under some reorganization with the death of Jim Parlier. Roger and Logan have taken over much of the organization and need your prayers for wisdom.
  • for Jaki Parlier as she continues to adjust to life without Jim. She has now officially retired from the ministry but still needs our prayers and support. 


Continue to pray for Ken Mawire and his ministry. He works extensively over the border in Mozambique and recently sent the following news for our prayers:

“Greetings in the wonderful name of our Precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! It is with joy that I write to you after surviving the cyclone that recently hit our region, though it was terribly unfortunate that some of my countrymen did not make it. The church building in Gondola, Mozambique was destroyed. Most of the church members were left homeless and are staying at the National Overseer’s house. We are trying by whatever means we can to send aid as a sister church; we hope the little will go a long way.”

Please pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ who have lost so much. 


Julio recently traveled into Columbia and Ecuador to distribute copies of The Basics in Spanish to various churches. We are praying for the opportunity later this year to visit Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia


Cindy and Apollos have just returned from visiting churches and workers that we support in the Nayarit region. Please pray for Joaquin and Angelica, Edwin and America, and Chavez and Andi

USA Camps

We will be teaching at two youth camps in June:

  • June 10–14, Arky Camp, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Pray for Monty and Cheryl Watkins as they organize and plan the camp hosted by Grace Bible Church in Hot Springs. The theme for this camp is “Answer the Call.”
  • June 21–24, Montana Family Camp, Kalispell, Montana. Pray for Pastor Doug and Kristy Wray and their team as they plan the camp hosted by Mountain Peaks Bible Church. The theme for this conference is “Daily Discipleship.”
  • June 28–29, Ladies’ Retreat, Kansas

As always, we are immensely blessed and encouraged by the faithful prayers and support of God’s family! May you find joy in the house of prayer!

Gene, Nan, and the BTBM team

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