Around the World in Prayer

April–May 2016

“Give ear to my words, O LORD,
consider my groaning.
Heed the sound of my cry for help,
my king and my God.
For to You I pray.” Psa 5:1–2
  • At the present time, Doug and Kristy Wray, Siri and Madison are in Numba Village, PNG. Please pray for their health, safe travel, and effective ministry.
  • Pray for Gene’s studies in the Book of Isaiah as he prepares for the Northern Virginia Bible Conference to be held April 1–3.
  • Pray for Pastor Faisal John as he is presently ministering in his home country.
Please continue to pray for our partners in the ministry:
  • Pray for PJF and his recovery from a recent heart attack. Because of his health situation, the annual Children’s Bible Schools have been canceled for this year.
  • Pray for the construction of an addition to his church building.
  • Pray for Joshua to be accepted into Bible College.
  • Pastor Throngji and Ayungla, and the orphans at Bethel Children’s Home
  • Pray for the graduating students at Kyoto Theological College. They will be graduating on April 13. Pray that God will direct them into the area of ministry He has for them. 
  • Pray for the staff of KTC: Ato as he takes over the position of dean of the college, and for the teachers, Kumrilla and Ellie.
  • Continue to pray for Julio and Betty as they teach The Basics book in areas surrounding Chulucanas.
  • Pray for their daughter, Olga, to have the opportunity to go to college.
  • Pray for the Redemption Evangelistic Ministries Conference in Western Zambia beginning April 15. We will not be attending this but have sent support for it to take place. Pray for Pastor Mulenga who will be hosting the conference, for safe travel for those attending, and for the Spirit of God to bless souls with the teaching of His Word.
  • Pray for safe arrival of the Sunday school materials we are sending by mail to them.
  • Pray for provision to complete the church building and conference center in Lusaka.
  • Continue to pray for Pastor Ken Mawire and his ministry in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
  • Here is a quote from a recent email we received from Ken:

“Thank you very much. I received your gift at a time I needed it the most. The Ministry in Zimbabwe lost two beloved elders from the regions of Gokwe and Bulawayo but we thank God for that timely funding. We were able to send them off with decency and dignity. Thank you once again for your prayers; the Lord is opening new and great doors for us here in Zimbabwe. Please continue to pray for us. You have been a blessing and God richly bless you. Thank you and greet all the saints there with you.”

Since we recently returned from an extended time in Asia, we came back with the names of many brothers and sisters in positions of ministry asking for prayer. They were in attendance at the Bible Conferences Gene taught, and we assured them that many of their Christian family around the world would be in prayer for them. If God so leads, you, please take time to pray for each of these devoted and needy saints, that you might enter into ministry around the world in prayers:

  • Pastor Kumkiu—Phuvkiu Baptist Church, church construction
  • Pastor Phunumgkiu
  • Pastor Lachim—health issues
  • Pastor Loshito
  • Pastor M. Ato
  • Pastor Ato—Jenty Church
  • Pastor Hangi
  • Pastor Hanphuba
  • Pastor Sokiuba
  • Pastor T. Athong
  • Pastor Simon
  • Pastor Sepithong
  • Pastor Ningtsuki
  • Pastor Tokiumong
  • Pastor Tsechimong
  • Pastor Thsaling
  • Reverend Bumba (In this area, if a pastor has served faithfully for 20 years, they then ordain them and call them a reverend. This devoted servant suffered in prison for his faith!)
  • Pastor Yonhokiu
  • Pastor Hopong
  • Pastor Lutsutong
  • Pastor Sheyomkiu
  • Pastor Ato—Vongti Church
  • Pastor Lato
  • Pastor Kithong
  • Pastor Kiusang
  • Pastor Youtsulem
  • Pastor Kithsumong
  • Pastor Kiuthrum
  • Pastor Shehto
  • Pastor Rikhum
  • Pastor Yanlimthong
  • Pastor Lentumon
  • Pastor Athrong
  • Pastor Niotoba
  • Pastor Throngkiuba
  • Pastor Tsukdi—health concerns
  • Pastor Holong
  • Pastor Yimto—health concerns
  • Pastor Sepithong
May the Spirit of God give you joy in this ministry as you come boldly before His throne of grace on behalf of your brothers and sisters in Christ. Won’t it be an amazing time in eternity when we get to meet Jesus face-to-face and then be introduced to others we have only previously known in prayer?
With thankful hearts,
Gene and Nan


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