Since our study has to do specifically with eternal rewards, we cannot deal with all the points made to each church. We will try to hit the high-points and zero in on the promises to the overcomers. The question arises, based on what has been written above: Do the promises to the overcomers then belong to all Christians, or only to those who actively overcome? To which the answer is: “Yes.” Read on!

The Church of Ephesus, Revelation 2:1–7:

  • Commendation, vv. 1–3, 6 Faithful in works, labor, patience, and rejection of false teachers
  • Rebuke/Correction, vv. 4–5 Departure from first love, called to remember, repent, and return
  • Promise to Overcomers, v. 7 To eat of the “tree of life” in the Paradise of God is the equivalent of eternal life, given to all who believe (see Rev. 22:1–2, 14)

Note: In Revelation 22:14, the best rendering is, “Blessed are those who have washed their robes (NASB)

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