The question arises, based on what has been written above: Do the promises to the overcomers then belong to all Christians, or only to those who actively overcome? To which the answer is: “Yes.” The Church of Pergamum, Revelation 2:12–17:
• Commendation, vv. 12–13 Good works, resistance to Satan (Luciferian cults), refusal to deny the faith—even in the face of martyrdom
• Rebuke/Correction, vv. 14–16 Toleration of doctrine of Balaam (sexual compromise), doctrine of Nicolaitans (tyrannical clergy), call to repent or face judgment
• Promise to Overcomers, v. 17 Hidden manna (eternal spiritual food), a white stone and new name (new eternal identity)

Note: Name changes in Scripture are not based on merit, but rather on what God, by His grace makes of the individual. Here, there are no distinctions—all believers are included.

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