“Who Dares—Wins,” is the motto of the elite Australian SAS forces. Formed in 1957, the SAS is dedicated to superior performance under the extreme demands of combat environment by intensive training—intellectually and physically. These soldiers are required to push back the envelope of personal limitations so as to develop stamina, endurance, and tenacity far beyond normal boundaries, maintaining the ability to THINK under severe stress. With the pursuit of excellence exemplified by this elite unit, their motto was chosen as the theme for the Crossroad Ministries Youth Camp, 1995. It is a privilege to dedicate this booklet to the youth of Australia, and the faithful people of Cross Road Bible Church, Perth, Australia.
My prayer is that you will be challenged to excel in your own life and to pursue the objective of becoming “a good soldier of Jesus Christ” (2Ti 2:3).
If you print the PDF from the website, please note that Who Dares Wins is formatted for a 4″x6″ book, and you will be able to print it as a “booklet.” If you would like a hard copy of this book, it may be ordered HERE.

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