The battle cry of the Triarii, Stete, “Stand firm!” was adopted by the Apostle Paul to encourage Christians to steadfast devotion to the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a cry that needs repeating today.

Every one of us lives in a war zone. All around us an invisible war rages: the angelic conflict, the struggle between truth and lies, between right and wrong, between the Lord Jesus Christ and the fallen realm. The moment we place our trust in Christ and receive eternal salvation, we enter not only the Royal Family of God, but also the royal army of God; we become a combatant in this battle of the ages.

This newly republished book is transcribed from a 31-audio-lesson series which Gene taught called “Christian Warrior Special.” This book is a study of Christian combat—a manual for the soldier of faith. In it, we will follow the Apostle Paul’s development of Christian warfare through the use of military terminology in his letters.

If you print the PDF from the website, please note that Christian Warrior is formatted for a 5 ½ x 8 ½ book, and you will be able to print it as a “booklet.” If you would like a hard copy of this book, it may be ordered HERE


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