Psalm 119 is the longest prayer in the Bible. It is a prayer with one theme: the all-sufficiency of the Word of God. Scripture does not tell us who wrote this psalm, but many scholars believe that it was written by one of the young people taken from Jerusalem in the Babylonian exile. Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah, Ezekiel, Ezra, and Esther all have been suggested as possible authors. This study of Psalm 119 is based on the assumption that the author was one of the captives taken in Nebuchadnezzar’s third and last deportation of the Jews to Babylon.
In the recorded series from which this book was drawn, there is a great deal of detailed exegesis from the study of the Hebrew text of Psalm 119. For the sake of brevity, most of that detail is not included here. Scriptures that are directly or indirectly quoted in the running text of this volume are cited in endnotes. In many cases, the endnotes include references that are not quoted in the text but are useful for additional study.
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