Eternal Reward: Co-ruler with Christ (corrected links)

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO The Church of Thyatira, Revelation 2:18–29: • Commendation, vv. 18–19 Good works, love, service, faith, patience—greater than before • Rebuke/Correction, vv. 20–24 Tolerance of Jezebel, sexual immorality, unrepentance by her followers, certainty of judgment unless they repent • Promise to Overcomers, vv. 25–29 As with Smyrna, [...]

Eternal Reward: A New Name

CLICK TO ADD VIDEO The question arises, based on what has been written above: Do the promises to the overcomers then belong to all Christians, or only to those who actively overcome? To which the answer is: “Yes.” The Church of Pergamum, Revelation 2:12–17: • Commendation, vv. 12–13 Good works, [...]

Eternal Reward for Suffering

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO The Church of Smyrna, Revelation 2:8–11:• Commendation, vv. 8–9 Good works, suffering, poverty (spiritually rich), resistance to the Synagogue of Satan • Rebuke/Correction—none! • Promise to Overcomers, vv. 10–11 Please note carefully that a challenge and a promise is given before the message to the overcomers. [...]

Eternal Reward: Tree of Life

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO Since our study has to do specifically with eternal rewards, we cannot deal with all the points made to each church. We will try to hit the high-points and zero in on the promises to the overcomers. The question arises, based on what has been written [...]

Eternal Rewards for Overcomers

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO When we come to the seven churches of the Revelation, our theological “sacred cow” will inevitably affect our interpretation. This is critical in regard to our identification of the “overcomer.” We will either see the “overcomer” through the lens of a Christ-centered theology, or we will [...]

Eternal Rewards for Endurance

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO The theme of “holding fast to the end” and of “patient endurance” runs through the book of Hebrews (3:6, 14; 4:14; 6:12–15; 10:35–39; 12:1–3). Time and space do not allow us the ability to cover this topic in detail now. It is certain that no child [...]

Eternal Rewards Acquired Today

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO The Challenge to “Enter into His Rest” (Hebrews 4:1–16) This passage is worthy of careful consideration lest we fail to grasp what “rest” means. In chapter 3, it spoke of failure to enter into Canaan. In this chapter, there are actually five uses of the word [...]

A Rewardable Life

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO The warning sections of the book of Hebrews set forth the truth that how we live our lives after our initial salvation will result either in eternal gain, or in eternal loss. The examples of both are found in the Exodus generation (Heb. 3–4). Although this [...]

Eternal Rewards for Faithfulness Here

CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO Believers often question the mention of rewards as a basis for motivating us to live faithfully/ victoriously. However, remember in Revelation 4:4, 10–11, the twenty-four elders, who represent those believers who have gained crowns, cast them at the Savior’s feet. When they do, they say, [...]

Two Little Hobbits

Perilous Times Primer #47August 13, 2022Two Little Hobbits “The battle for helms deep is over. The battle for Middle Earth is about tobegin. All our hopes now lie with two little hobbits, somewhere inthe wilderness.” – Gandalf >>>CLICK HERE FOR A PRINTABLE VERSION<<< Nan and I are now on our [...]

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