Field Notes

Daniel 1:9-16

This lesson is a distillation and video vignette of parts of the third audio-only Daniel lesson. Click here for the full audio of Daniel lessons ("listen") and access to class handouts: Click to watch Youtube Video Vignette We’ve seen Daniel in his commitment to be faithful to God. And [...]

5 Cycles of National Discipline

This lesson is a distillation and video illustration of parts of the second audio-only Daniel lesson. Click here: Click to watch How did they get to the point where the people of God are now a captive nation of a godless, heathen country? I think that’s probably a topic [...]

Daniel 1:1-8

The lesson notes can be found here: IntroductionDaniel was contemporary with both Ezekiel and Jeremiah. As young men, it is likely that both Daniel and Ezekiel would have heard Jeremiah preach in Jerusalem. Daniel, as he was being put in chains for the long journey to Babylon, probably heard [...]

What does Christmas mean?

What is Christmas all about? Nan and I have seen Christmas celebrating all over the world in some very interesting and very strange places, both by those who are Bible believers and by those who are not. What is it that always seems to come out no matter [...]

What will heaven be like?

>>>Click here for a printable version of this<<< Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.” Revelation 21:5 Just try to pause for a moment and think: What is Heaven going [...]

Scriptural Proof of the Pre-tribulation Rapture

This document was derived from an audio lesson transcript at a small-group Bible study. A printable version is >>>CLICK HERE<<<. Many people are not able to distinguish the two times in the Bible that Jesus is prophesized to come back. Tragically, many pastors are not able to distinguish between the [...]

Title Deed to Everything

CLICK TO WATCH Who is worthy of owning everything? Who is worthy of claiming the title deed to the earth? Jesus Christ, of course. Revelation 5:1 starts, “I saw in the right hand of Him the sat on the throne.” That's significant because we know that at the resurrection of [...]

“He that has an ear” — Revelation Chapter 3

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO In this video, we finish the message to the last three of the seven churches. Sardis—Revelation 3:1–6 The word “Sardis” means “remnant” or “those who escape.” This church has a name that it is “alive” but God says it is spiritually dead. The challenge is to [...]

“He that has an ear” — Revelation Chapter 2

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO As we study the message of Christ to the seven churches, we will do well to keep in mind four interpretation aides given by Dr. C. I. Scofield: Local meaning—these are seven actual churches existing in John’s time and to which    he ministers. General meaning—these [...]

Revelation 1:10-20

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO Notes for Revelation lessons are >>>HERE<<< The original, complete audio for Revelation Chapter 1 can be found >>>HERE<<< John was banned to the Island of Patmos and was given a vision in which he was told to write what he saw. Part of the revelation given [...]

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