Title Deed to Everything

CLICK TO WATCH Who is worthy of owning everything? Who is worthy of claiming the title deed to the earth? Jesus Christ, of course. Revelation 5:1 starts, “I saw in the right hand of Him the sat on the throne.” That's significant because we know that at the resurrection of [...]

“He that has an ear” — Revelation Chapter 3

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO In this video, we finish the message to the last three of the seven churches. Sardis—Revelation 3:1–6 The word “Sardis” means “remnant” or “those who escape.” This church has a name that it is “alive” but God says it is spiritually dead. The challenge is to [...]

“He that has an ear” — Revelation Chapter 2

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO As we study the message of Christ to the seven churches, we will do well to keep in mind four interpretation aides given by Dr. C. I. Scofield: Local meaning—these are seven actual churches existing in John’s time and to which    he ministers. General meaning—these [...]

Revelation 1:10-20

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO Notes for Revelation lessons are >>>HERE<<< The original, complete audio for Revelation Chapter 1 can be found >>>HERE<<< John was banned to the Island of Patmos and was given a vision in which he was told to write what he saw. Part of the revelation given [...]

Revelation 1:1-9

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO >>>Notes for Revelation can be found HERE <<< The three-fold outline of the book Revelation one is found in verse 1:19. Notice that Jesus says, talking to John, “Write the things that you have seen, the things which are, and the things that shall take place [...]

What Does Jabez’ Prayer have to do with Jesus’ birth?

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO This video was extracted from original audio "The First and Last Christmas" We rightly love the Christmas Story. We know that God arranged the whole scene, but few know the connection to Jabez’ prayer nearly two millennia earlier. “And there were shepherds living out in the [...]

A Hero, a Maiden, and a Dragon

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO “In every great story, there are three things: a hero, a maiden, and a dragon.” G.K. Chesterton. The Maiden In Luke 1:26-29, Mary has had an appearance of an angel that calls himself Gabriel and tells her that she is highly favored and so on and [...]

The Gifts of the Magi — Christmas 2022

CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO It's Christmas time again—the time when we commemorate the birth of our Lord with celebration and the giving of gifts. Matthew 2 gives us the account of the Magi that visited Jesus as a baby; opened up their treasures and gave Him the gifts of [...]

“Blessed are you among women”

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO You might not believe it, but Luke Chapter One is one of the most theologically, doctrinally, and prophetically packed passages anywhere in Scripture. To thoroughly exegete it would involve going from book to book, passage to passage, and cross-referencing. This video covers just Luke 1:26-30, where [...]

If Christmas is pagan, should Christians be involved?

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO Should Christians get involved in supporting or celebrating Christmas? Have you ever heard that argument? Why in the world would Christians want to get involved in something that was really a "pagan holiday," that we the Church co-opted? So for those critics, I have three points.Number [...]

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