“Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions,
and giving thanks be made for all men … For this is good and acceptable
in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come
to the knowledge of the truth. For there is one God and one mediator
between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself
a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.” 1 Timothy 2:1, 3–6

Greetings in grace to you all,

We wanted to give an update on some of what God is doing in various places around the world. A printable version is >>>HERE<<<. We solicited some of our fellow soldiers to give a brief report of the highlights from the past year. Some of them have not responded, but since we are involved in areas not covered by these reports, we trust that you will pray regularly for these valiant souls, many of whom are working in extremely difficult conditions. However, God is faithful, and many are coming to the saving knowledge of the Savior, while others are growing in the grace of God and still more are being trained for effective evangelistic and teaching ministries.

We thank and praise the heavenly Father, who sent His Son “To seek and to save that which was lost.” (Luke 19:10).

Hyderabad, India

“Respected Sir,

Greetings in Jesus’ name. Thank you for your love, prayers, and support.
We praise God for helping us re-start the Bible college in 2023; because of Covid, we were not able do it previously.

Please pray for the church and ministry in India. Anti-Christian spirit is prevailing everywhere and persecution in India is growing every day. Pray for God’s wisdom and protection over His people. 

Thank you for your care.

His bond servant,
Ps John Francis Rayi,
Grace Tabernacle Ministries,
Hyderabad, India.”

Tuensang, Nagaland

“Greetings to all our friends around the world from Bethel Children’s Home in Tuensang  Nagaland,

2023 was a blessed year for Bethel Children’s Home. There are many words to say thank you to all our friends around the world specially thank you to Pastor Gene and Sis Nan for sacrificing their life, time, money to reach out God’s Word to the Unreached Village Baptist Churches and their pastors. Also, on behalf of Sangtsuwong Village, I would like to say thank you to Pastor Gene and Sis Nan and their friends at BTBM for helping Sangtsuwong villagers build a new church building. The new church was dedicated within 16 months. And we are not forgetting a thank you to Pastor Gene and Nan and team for sponsoring 13 new theological students from poor families.

Bethel Children’s Home ministry needs all your prayer support. This year we are taking care of 18 orphans and needy children for their schooling. This year of 2024, we have many programs ahead of us; continually we need all your prayer support.

Throngji and Ayangla”

From Peru

“Our trip to the Amazon basin in Peru in August was eventful and we were able to meet with over 15 pastors and leaders to teach the Word by Doug W. The women also received teaching by Kristy W. The purpose of the trip was to deliver 99 Bibles in the local dialect (Awajun) for distribution and each pastor was given a backpack with 5 Bibles, Spanish Basics books, and an audio Bible also in their language donated by Faith Comes by Hearing and other material. There were a few special needs met for medicine; a chainsaw, as the main church sends out “helpers” to cut down trees and saw boards for local churches up and downriver to build their churches; finances for a bathroom; a large battery for solar-powered churches; solar lights and clothing and sandals for a pastor who reported they had many orphans and other smaller needs.

Cindy Cunningham”

“Please pray for the pastors in the area of Chulucanas Peru! We thank you for publishing the Basics and the Christian Warrior books in Spanish. They are useful in our ministry. We have a youth ministry that reaches many in our area. Also, pray for ministry in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, and for the printing of the Basics book and Christian Warrior, which are useful in our teaching sessions.

Thank you for your support,


From Cuba

“The work of God in Cuba is advancing. We are gaining ground every day as more people convert to Christ. Unfortunately, many false doctrines have arisen and the government does not support Christianity. They limit churches to carry out public activities and have even closed many evangelical churches. They have laws such as: if a child hears something like prayers out loud and it bothers him, he can file a complaint and the police will intervene, but we live. I know many pastors throughout Cuba, and we trust God who is always in control. We are all agreed to reach, baptize, disciple, and guide new believers to develop their gifts in a growing relationship with Christ. Personally, I am shepherding a church of 57 members and opening a new church in another community. I am part of the ministry of pastoral unity in Cuba and I am developing a biblical institute called Renacer Cuba. I am working on the first stage of training teachers for the institute. We already have a course established by WhatsApp in which we recently graduated 13 brothers from Cuba, Guatemala, Italy, and Cubans in the US. My wife is a musician, and together we have dance and music classes for children and teenagers within the institute.

Our needs are:

    1. musical instruments,
    2. construction materials for the church, and
    3. biblical literature for children

On the spiritual side we ask for support in prayer for the health and holiness of the church. It is a crucial moment due to the shortage and need for food in Cuba. As a church, we help some very poor families in the community by sharing what God provides to us. I thank God for Pastor Gene and his family and friends for all the support they have given us.

A strong and cordial hug,
Pastor Delio”

From Zimbabwe

“Gene and Nancy,

Greetings to you all in His name and hope you are still in your natural state of good health, praise the Lord to hear from you!

Here, God is still with us, and we are still seeking His hand to proceed with his work of construction we have started last year.

Prayer for the continuity of our church building and other mission structures we want to put at our center. We failed to continue last year because of various illnesses among my two pastors whom I am doing the job with. Pastor Lameck Madzimure broke his leg in a car accident. Pastor Liberty Ston also got serious illness the same year but now we are all alright and therefore the job has to start. We thank God for being with you all there and may his blessings be poured wherever you call peace to be there.

Keep on praying for the construction finances for our projects and health.

Yours in service,
Rev. K. Mawire”

From Mexico

“Pastor Joaquin has a small church in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. He ministers to the Huichol people in a small church and also makes trips (like the circuit preachers of old) about every two months to small groups of believers in the mountains to teach the Word and share the Gospel. The Huichol people call themselves within their own community, Wixariki, and are known throughout the world for their elaborate beadwork. Pastor Joaquin teaches the Word, striving to be diligent to teach only the Word and not add or subtract anything, evangelizes and, recently in December, performed his first baptism solo.

There are also two sisters, Susy and Flor, within this area who we call Mary and Martha. Their calling is to support the sharing of the Gospel and the local works within the Huichol community of Guadalupe Ocotan.

I, Cindy, have been blessed to serve this past year on BTBM trips as a translator for pastor’s conferences in Cuba and Peru, and to assist in translating various communications received by BTBM in Spanish and organizing trips, etc. Another task allowed me is to assist the work in Nayarit as needed. I live in the center of Mexico and testify to the goodness and faithfulness of God; all glory belongs to Him, as He continues to use frail men and women to participate in the work He has called us to.

Also, here is the work I do for Reflejo:

A mission of Latin Americans sending Latin Americans to unreached people groups in restricted areas of Central and Eastern Asia. I care for workers on the field, building a relationship and listening for any needs or challenges they may face in adjusting to life on the field and provide them with Biblical counseling. One way that BTBM assisted in this work was to provide flights for a South American missionary couple who spent nine years in Eastern Asia and were stranded in Mexico. They needed to return home to South America before returning to the field, which they have since been able to do. One of Reflejo’s ministry is to Afghan refugees in Mexico City, where a dynamic lady called Hadassah finds resources, including food, transportation and housing for the many Afghan refugees who pass through Mexico on their way to other countries. They are given Bibles and the Gospel in their language, Dari, or Persian. Please pray for more team members and support to meet the overwhelming needs of Afghan refugees.

Cindy Cunningham”

We also thank our gracious Lord for raising up so many of you who faithfully pray and support our ministry to these precious souls. Without you as team members we could not continue to reach out into ever-wider fields. New areas are opening up, and we pray constantly for wisdom and guidance to know precisely which tasks to take on, and which ones to bypass for now.

May God richly bless and keep each one of you, and your loved ones, in this coming year, which by every measure looks to be momentous and historic. Never forget that we were born for this time, and that the faithfulness of our God never fails!

By grace alone,
Gene, Nan, and the BTBM team