Gene Cunningham - February 3, 2003

Titus #6

Titus #6

Areas of ministry: priesthood, ambassadorship, minister (Tit 1:4-9). Conviction is the bedrock of ministry -- the certainty that you are doing what God would have. Conviction produces character needed. Character is the invisible power behind our conduct (2Co 4:1-7). Endurance has to be built on conviction (2Co 4:1, Phi 4:13). We can have confidence (2Co 3:4), because of sufficiency (2Co:3:4-5). The reason is we adequacy (2Co:3:8-9). Endurance reflects the glory of Jesus Christ (2Co:3:18-19). Ministry demands that you loose your life; we all have it (1Co 12:7, Mar 13:34, Rom 11:29). Endurance is evidence of faith at work. When God's mercies are received by faith, the outcome is sacrifice (Rom 12:1). Reception of mercy is displayed by endurance (2Co 4:1, 2Co 4:8-10). Dynamics of endurance: (1) the world can afflict you, but only bad attitudes crush you; (2) Conditions may perplex us, but only despair can defeat us; (3) Faith says we aren't forsaken; (4) Spiritual invincibility doesn't mean you won't be struck down, but means you cannot be stopped; (5) the power of resurrection means we need to walk in the valley of shadow of death - to world and self; (6) The glory of eternity dwarfs the sufferings of time. With integrity there is no reason to hide or to employ gimmicks (2Co 4:2, 1Jo 1:7). Integrity sees truth as more important than success. Humility realizes God gets all the credit; Jesus Christ is the central issue; and the content of the vessel/container is most important (2Co 4:6-7, Col 2:3). Christ is the ultimate demonstration of use of the tools of ministry -- how to be effective (1Co 11:1): (1) Authority only works over people who submit (Joh 17:1-2). (2) Stay focused on the message (Joh 17:3). (3) Labor is followed by glory (Joh 17:4-5). (4) Simply teach God's Word - nothing else (Joh 17:6-8). (5) Pray for the sheep (Joh 17:9-10). (6) Work for unity (Joh 17:11). (7) The ministry will loose some members (Joh 17:12). (8) Build a ministry on Grace and joy (Joh 17:13). (9) Understand the enemy (Joh 17:14-17) -- God's purpose is not to take the pain away. (10) You must be prepared to be an ambassador (Joh 17:18-19). (11) Christ prayed for us (Joh 17:20). (12) Unity is paramount (Joh 17:21). (13) Enjoy the love of God in fellowship (Joh 17:22-26).

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The Apostle Paul wrote to Titus a student of his who became a pastor regarding faith knowledge and hope.

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