Gene Cunningham - October 9, 2010

Time To Endure 6

Discipline — we get impose it on ourselves or God will (2Sa 12:1-31). The Will of God involves where (geographic), what (operational), and why (motivation). In self-righteous indignation David passes 4-fold judgment (Mosaic Law) on the imaginary man Nathan tells him about. Jesus explains God's response to judgment (Mat 7:1-3); this happened to David. David was spared after confession, but given fourfold judgement: (1) Death of the child; (2) Rape of Tamar; (3) Absolom killed Amnon; (4) Absolom rebels against David and is killed. David humbled himself before God. The world doesn't understand the spiritual man (1Co 2:8-16). God calls us to a life of endurance. hupomeno means endurance; meno means abide. Jesus gave the essence of the Christian Life in the upper room (Joh 15:1-27). Every branch that doesn't bear fruit He lifts up so it would; then He prunes (Joh 15:2-6). Cleaning is like footwashing (Joh 15:3, Joh 13:10). What's the difference between abiding and endurance? Endurance requires circumstances (i.e., "abide under"). Fruitlessness is dealt with by others (Isa 27:6-11, 1Co 3:15, Mat 5:13, Luk 14:34-35). Fruitless boughs wither and are burned. Abiding requires living God's word (Joh 15:7-8, Joh 8:31-32).

Scripture References: Matthew 7:1-3, Matthew 5:13, Isaiah 27:6-11, John 13:10, John 15:3, John 8:31-32, John 15:2-6, John 15:7-8, John 15:1-27, Luke 14:34-35

From Series: "Time to Endure - Uniontown PA 2010"

Everyone has need of endurance (Jam 5:11). This series was taught at Abundant Life Church in Uniontown PA in October 2010. Gene presented the following: (1) The 'call' to endure; (2) Endurance Defined; (3) The Source and Supply; (4) The School of Endurance; (5) The Blessed Fruit of Endurance; (6) The Reward of Endurance; (7) Timeless Testimony of Endurance.

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