Gene Cunningham - October 9, 2010

Time To Endure 2

God intends us to endure as Job did (Jam 5:11). Who can straighten what is crooked? Every life has a crooked thing placed by God. Jacob, as an example, after wrestling with the Lord clung to Him. He had to confess his name which means "swindler". God's purpose begins with humility. Job is the oldest book in the bible. God and men assessed Job as honorable (Job 1:1-5). While God won't tell us why we are suffering, He will tell us what we should do. God saw fear in the heart of Job (Job 3:25). Nothing can penetrate the shield around you without God's permission. Every suffering has a "use-by" date. Job worshiped God through His suffering and acknowledged His Sovereignty (Job 1:20-22). When you falter God is not surprised. Satan arranges to touch Job's body (Job 2:2-6). Sometimes those closest to us hates us for our faith. (Job 2:7-9). The only proper response to Sovereignty is utter humility (Jam 1:2). Wisdom is knowing what matters. God changing your circumstances will not help you, but changing you will.

Scripture References: Job 2:7-9, Job 2:2-6, Job 1:20-22, Job 3:25, Job 1:1-5, James 5:11, James 1:2

From Series: "Time to Endure - Uniontown PA 2010"

Everyone has need of endurance (Jam 5:11). This series was taught at Abundant Life Church in Uniontown PA in October 2010. Gene presented the following: (1) The 'call' to endure; (2) Endurance Defined; (3) The Source and Supply; (4) The School of Endurance; (5) The Blessed Fruit of Endurance; (6) The Reward of Endurance; (7) Timeless Testimony of Endurance.

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