Gene Cunningham - February 20, 2003

The Word Working In You #4

1st Thessalonians - The Word Working in You - Uniontown PA 2007

Reasons for trials (1Th 3:11-13). Trials make clear the path of God(1Th 3:11). Trials faced in faith causes growth and produces fruit (1Th 3:12, Heb 11:34). Trails produce strength in spirit and soul -- "establish your hearts" (1Th 3:13). Trails sanctify the believer -- refine our life (1Pe 1:7, 2Co 12:7-9). Ruth and Boaz marriage illustrates sanctification (Rut 3:6-18, 1Th 4:3-4). Chapter 4 (1Th 4:1-12): the essence of sanctification processing is Word of God +faith + testing. The enemy of sanctification is lust, passion, self gratification. Luk 9:23 - if you want to find life we must deny self, take up the cross daily and follow Christ. The Spirit has five works ().

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Scripture References: Luke 9:23, Hebrews 11:34

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The Word Working in You' is a study in 1st Thessalonians recorded at Uniontown PA on 19-20 October 2007. The primary focus of the Paul's epistles to the Thessalonians written A.D. 50-51 is Christian living in light of eternity which results in balance. The 'bookends' of 1Th 1:3 and 1Th 5:8 reveal the book's theme: the well-balanced Christian life. The book also teaches that God's Word works through faith. Interestingly this epistle is closely related in content to the Old Testament book of Ruth which provides a perfect biblical illustration of the practical truths of this book.

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