Gene Cunningham - October 16, 2009

The Transforming Power of Grace 6

The Transforming Power of Grace 6

Good teaching magnifies the grace of God, focuses on the person of Jesus Christ, then exhorts to good works (Tit 2:1-7). Make sure the message is consistent (Tit 2:8). Truth taught must be coherent (understandable), correlates to the life we live (so we can apply it), and is consistent (doesn't contradict itself). Christ sacrificed to purify us zealous ("on fire") for good works (Tit 2:11-15). Titus was given a task of selecting elders because there were things lacking in the church in Crete. A new testament church needs: 1) Spiritual leadership, 2) sound teaching, 3) a congregation devoted to good works. Three gospel presentations in Titus: Tit 1:4, Tit 2:11, Tit 3:4-7. Learning --> Living --> Looking (Tit 2:12-14). Paul calls the "blessed hope" (Tit 2:13), Peter calls a "living hope" (1Pe 1:3), and John calls a "purifying hope" (1Jo 3:3). Three washings: 1) regeneration - cleansing from sin (Eph 5:26); 2) confession (1Jo 1:9); 3) fellowship (1Jo 1:7). The Christian life ought to be consistent. Good works should be appealing to the world because unbelievers see Christ in you. 

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From Series: "Titus - The Transforming Power of Grace - Uniontown PA 2009"

This series was given in October 2009 in Uniontown PA.

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