Gene Cunningham - September 24, 2010

The Spirit as Fire- Illumination.

joh 3:8 Rom 10:17 2ti 3:16 Phi 3:12-14

John 13-17 is what Jesus would say, the last things He would say to a Christian before He left.

Joh 14:12-14 Greater works are works in the soul of others, to help others walk by faith.

Joh 14:15-18 He has given us an impossible command: to keep His commandments. God only demands what He provides the means for, the Spirit of truth is our helper. Can you imagine having as your companion through every challenge a mighty, forgiving, invincible Champion? That is what every believer has in the Holy Spirit. It comes through submitting to the Holy Spirit. The Spirit indwells you to be the presence of Christ with you.

Holy Spirit as fire as illumination. The lamp in the tabernacle illuminated the showbread. The Holy Spirit illuminates Jesus, the Bread of Life to man. Joh 2:19

The Holy Spirit is the perfect, all-powerful and wise Helper.  Eph 1:15-21 Everything you find in the epistles is traced to what Jesus said in the Upper Room. Paul’s epistles have a prayer in it. What he is teaching is what he is praying God will make known to you.   Gal 2:20 The Spirit of God has a special relationship with the Word of God. You cannot separate them.   If you ignore God’s Word, you won’t see the power of the Spirit in your life. Every decision we make determines how hardened or soft we are to the Word of God.


5 Things the Spirit does with the Word:

1. Work of revelation 2ti 3:16

2. Work of inspiration 2pe 1:20-21

3. Work of preservation mat 24:35

4. Work of illumination Eph 1:15-21 1Co 2:9-10

5. Work of application Eph 3:16-20

Scripture References: Romans 10:17, Ephesians 1:15-21, John 3:8, John 2:19, John 14:15-18, Ephesians 3:16-20, John 14:12-14, Ephesians 1:15-21, John 3:12-17, Matthew 24:35, Philippians 3:12-14, Galatians 2:20

From Series: "Ride with the Wind - A Study of the Holy Spirit - Texas 2010"

The class titles for the Texas 2010 conference are as follows. 1. Oct 1 Prototype of the Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ Himself. Luke 3 4 2. Oct 1 The Spirit as Wind- regeneration. John 3 3. Oct 2 The Spirit as Wind- regeneration contd. John 3 4. Oct 2 The Spirit as Water- cleansing and refreshing. John 13 5. Oct 2 The Spirit as Fire- Illumination. John 14:15-21 Eph 1:15-18 6. Oct 2 The Spirit as Oil- fruit bearing. John 15 7. Oct 3 The Spirit as Dove- teacher and encourager. John 15:26-27 Mat 10 John 16:7-14; 2Co 5

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