Gene Cunningham - January 8, 2000

The Divine Mentor #3

Rom 8:9-13 says the Spirit dwells within us, that God's life is righteousness, and the power of flesh is broken. Rom 8:14-17 says those led of God are "mature" children. God's guidance increases as we grow spiritually. Rom 8:17-18 we grow through suffering -- it enhances our eternal future. Dangers in guidance: (1) don't confuse personal desire with God's guidance (Numbers 22); (2) don't accept something if it disturbs your inner peace (Col 3:15, Phi 4:6); (3) look for guidance day by day (Heb 3:7, Heb 3:15); (4) recognize your limitations -- we don't have all the facts, nor know the consequences of a decision; (5) Joh 7:17 is key -- we need to be willing to be willing and wait (Isa 40:31). Luk 1:7-11 says "your prayer is heard". Zechariah may have prayed for a child for 40 years while Elizabeth was barren.
The Divine Mentor in Psalm 23 : Psa 23:1-6 He leads us -- to green pastures, still water, and righteousness. (1) He is the Good Shepherd - lays down His life (Joh 10:10); (2) He is the Great Shepherd, resurrected at God's hand and supplies our needs (Heb 13:20-2); (3) He is the Chief Shepard coming with our reward (1Pe 5:4). "I cannot lack" because: (1) He has given us all spiritual blessings (Eph 1:3); (2) He has made us acceptable (Eph 1:6); (3) He has supplied unsearchable riches (Eph 3:8); (4) He has promised to supply all our needs (Phi 4:19). "He makes me lie down in green pastures" because: (1) we have entered His rest (Mat 28:29); (2) we feed on the riches of His word (Mat 5:6); (3) we are comforted by His Spirit (Joh 14:16-26); (4) we are protected by His shield (Eph 6:17); (5) we find rest by trusting in Him (Heb 4:1-3).

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From Series: "The Divine Mentor"

The Divine Mentor is God the Holy Spirit. God answered Jesus' prayer to provide us the Spirit not just to be with us but in us -- to pray with us labor with us to guide us teach us and equip us -- the goal being that we'd be prepared for the troubled times in which we live.

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