Gene Cunningham - January 8, 2000

The Divine Mentor #2

Jesus' upper room discourse covered the coming Holy Spirit, and 4 things showing our need: (1) He washed their feet -- we can't cleanse ourselves; (2) He gave an impossible command "love one another as I have loved you"; (3) the works He did He promised He said we'd do more; (4) "If I go away, I will send a helper". "He will guide you in the way..." (Joh 16:12-14). Does God guide like He used to? Yes. He has given us a longing to "go home" (Ecc 3:11, 1Jo 2:17). We need guidance because God knows us intimately, He knows our future, and He has a purpose no one else can fulfill. If we trust in ourself or others, our heart departs from the Lord; our heart is deceitful (Jer 17:5-9). God cannot guide a rebelious heart (Jer 42:1-6, Jer 44:16-17), if we bargain with Him (Gen 28:20-21), if we ignore His will, or if we don't search scripture. Don't expect special guidance when duty is clear or as a substitute for common sense (1Ki 13:1-34). 3 ways to look for guidance (1) by example -- Jesus in the gospels (1Co 11:1); (2) in practice (Act 8:1-5, Act 10:19, Act 16:7); (3) in principle in Epistles. These things must align in determining God's will: (1) Gods Word; (2) the inner urging of the Spirit; (3) providential circumstances.

Scripture References: Jeremiah 44:16-17, Jeremiah 42:1-6, Jeremiah 17:5-9, Acts 16:7, John 2:17, Acts 10:19, Ecclesiastes 3:11, Acts 8:1-5, John 16:12-14, Genesis 28:20-21

From Series: "The Divine Mentor"

The Divine Mentor is God the Holy Spirit. God answered Jesus' prayer to provide us the Spirit not just to be with us but in us -- to pray with us labor with us to guide us teach us and equip us -- the goal being that we'd be prepared for the troubled times in which we live.

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