Gene Cunningham - February 21, 2000

The Amazing Race 1

The Amazing Race

When we begin to understand the majesty of the universe, we get an inkling of the majesty of His plan for us (Job 38:1-41). Suffering, in God's plan, has the purpose of developing endurance through new wisdom, new joy, new faith -- the crown of life (Jam 1:1-27). Job 1:19 is the outline of James. James is also a commentary on Job (Jam 5:7-11). Paul explains suffering purpose using Christ's pattern at the cross and His provision through resurrection (Gal 2:20).God allows us to go through training so that at the judgment seat, we are the victor.

Scripture References: Job 1:19, James 1:1-27, Job 38:1-41, Galatians 2:20, James 5:7-11

From Series: "The Amazing Race"

Heb 12:1-3 says we're in the arena God has predetermined for us. We have our own personal race. We start the race when we become Christians. The race will be finished. We race against ourselves (Spirit vs flesh). The end is evaluated by Jesus Christ.

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