Gene Cunningham - April 8, 2000

Simplicity in Christ #8

2018 AYC Ladies Classes

The Simplicity of Inner Purity

The Lord warns of things that take up time and energy (Luk 21:29-36). One day we'll stand in His presence with confidence or shame. We enter eternal life by faith because He paid the penalty for our sins on the cross. Daily deliverance from our problems is in view in Mat 5:1-48. Simplicity is not necessarily easy, but has focus. We are so distractable. Mat 5:8 — "the pure in heart ...will see God" doesn't refer to eternity, but daily life. When did God last answer your prayer? There is an interaction with the Lord in daily life (Joh 14:21, 1Jo 1:3-4). Where is your life and attention focused? (Mat 6:19-23). "If your eye is good" — good means "single" (Mat 6:22). If you loose clarity or focus, we loose the sense of His prence and power. He should be more real than the circumstances and people around you. "Persue peace with all men" — the real issue is how do I see men through the eyes of Jesus Christ, not how they treat you (Heb 12:14, Rom 12:18). The double-minded man doesn't have an abundant life because of a lack of spiritual focus (Jam 1:7-8, Jam 4:8). Until we have spiritual focus, we won't "see the Lord" (Heb 12:14-15). We live in a bitter world. We carry wrongs in our heart and defile other people (Heb 12:15). "Martha was destracted with much serving" and "Mary has chosen the good part" (Luk 10:38-42). Simplicity is the one thing Mary sought and Martha lost. Mary gained a reward "that will not be taken from her". You can have everything, but not the "one thing" (Mark 10:17-27). The purpose Christ lays hold of us is the prize — His pleasure (Phi 3:7-14).

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Nan Cunningham spoke to the ladies at the 2018 AYC Camp.

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