Gene Cunningham - April 8, 2000

Simplicity in Christ #3

2018 AYC Ladies Classes

2Co 11:3 Paul writes with dread or fear that Corinthian believers would be led astray and miss out on simplicity, purity in Christ—single-minded focus. Jesus thanks the Father that divine truth has been revealed to those who are dependent (i.e., "babes"). In Mat 11:25-30, Jesus asks those who are weary and heavy laden to come to Him. His "yoke"—or "school of learning"—is light, easy. Three factions united against Christ (Mat 22:15-46). The Pharisees thought keeping the law made you righteous and falsely thought they could gain salvation by works (Rom 8:3). Herodians believed that Herod Agrippa fulfilled the prophecies. Saducees believed there was no resurrection, and the body and soul die together.


Most Jews cared about their heritage (Mat 22:27-32). Saducees thought they could present a contradiction. Jesus responds by telling them "you do not know the scriptures, nor the power of God." We become "like angels"—not angels (Isa 6:3). Angels' focus is not on each other, but the Lord. In the resurrection we are totally devoted to Him (Mat 22:29-32; 1Co 15:12-58; 1Jo 3:2).


How did Jesus approach Scripture? This approach will greatly simplify our lives.

  1. As the very Word of God (2Ti 3:16). Scripture is divine revelation;

  2. It is inspired and accurately recorded. Jesus referred to Isaiah (Mat 13:14; 2Pe 1:21);

  3. Scripture needs to be taken literally (Mat 21:42, Mat 4:4); it has authority over us;

  4. The Word of God is eternal in nature (Joh 10:35; Mat 24:35);

  5. The Bible has a united theme, namely, redemption (Luk 24:27); 

  6. The Word is powerful and relevant to us now (Joh 4:10, Joh 7:38; Heb 4:12).

  7. It may appear contradictory to us; the problem is in us; it began with the Fall (Luk 8:11).

Jesus asks the Pharisees who the Christ is; He silenced them (Mat 22:34-46). We need to not question Him either.

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From Series: "2018 AYC Ladies Classes"

Nan Cunningham spoke to the ladies at the 2018 AYC Camp.

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