Gene Cunningham - October 26, 2003

Psalm 9 - Rejoicing In Salvation

Psalm 9 - Rejoicing In Salvation

Psalms 9 & 10 are often grouped in translation; Psalm 10 doesn't have a superscription. Faith is a matter of "walking without sight", but faith has knowledge. When we look at what God has said, we can focus our faith, ignore the circumstances and rejoice in His salvation. Commitment to praise (Psa 9:1-2). Worship is a choice (Rom 12:1, Deu 6:5). True witness is telling what the Lord has done for us personally (Mat 5:19). "will be glad and rejoice in you" shows double blessing (Psa 9:2, Luk 17:15). "God most High" - El Elion emphasizes God's omni attributes (Psa 8:1-4). The Cause (Psa 9:3-5). David recalls what God has done executing Justice - blessing to the believer and judgment to the unbeliever (Rom 3:26, Psa 110:1). We pray from the position of victory. The sword that divides (Psa 9:6-12, Mat 10:34). God's judgments are eternal, universal and final of the wicked (Psa 9:6-9). God is a refuge for he oppressed and the Deliverer (Psa 9:9-12, Heb 6:18). The cry of faith (Psa 9:13-20). David feels that he is at the gates of death, but that God will lift him. God's judgments are often in self-inflicted means; He catches the wicked in their snare (Psa 9:16). We are either doing His will and prevailing, or not (Psa 9:18-20). (1) We need to build our lives on the finished work of Christ and His word. (2) Our greatest witness is to proclaim what he has done for us. (3) We ought not think God has forgotten us. (4) A true understanding and gratitude of what He has done, starting with the cross, then what He has done for us, is the best impetus to worship.

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