Gene Cunningham - October 26, 2003

Psalm 8 - The Glory of God in the Face of Christ

Psalm 8 - The Glory of God in the Face of Christ

All our searching is in vain if we don't seek fulfillment in Christ (2Co 3:6). The scope of God's glory includes the power of creation (Psa 8:1-2). God's glory transcends the universe (Isa 6:3). The glory of the frailty of incarnation (Psa 8:2). Jesus applies the Psalm to himself (Mat 22:16, Heb 10:5, Psa 22:9-10, Mat 11:25). The glory of the wisdom of God in crucifixion (Psa 8:1 - the Gittith - "wine press"). The condescension of God's glory -- contained in Jesus Christ (Psa 8:3-4). The universe is a faint reflection of the glory of God (Psa 19:1, Rom 1:20). If God's glory is only faintly reflected in the universe, where do we see it in its greatest brilliance? David uses first the word Enosh - "fallen man" then Adam referring to the incarnation (Psa 8:4). David says the Son of Man visits the race of Adam (Luk 1:78, Luk 1:68). The trail of God's glory (Psa 8:5-8) starts with the descent. "You (the Father) have made Him (the Son) lower (for a short time) than angels". Then the ascent: "..and have crowned him with glory and honor". This was prophesied (Psa 110:1) and discussed by Paul (Rom 10:6, Eph 4:9-10). Jesus Christ will own and control everything someday (Psa 8:6-9). The Lord applies this Psalm to Himself (Mat 21:16). Paul adds the redemptive discussion to this Psalm (Eph 1:19-23). Paul places the Psalm timing after the resurrection (1Co 15:22-28). The author of Hebrews also times fulfillment (Heb 2:5-9). John applies the Psalm to post resurrection (Rev 5:12).

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