Gene Cunningham - October 26, 2003

Psalm 20 - The Anticipated Messiah

Psalm 20 - The Anticipated Messiah

David anticipates the victory of the Messiah King (Psa 20:1-9). Christ is in the Psalms as in other books (Luk 24:44). "The Chief Musician" may actually be Christ (Psa 22:22, Heb 2:12) - the titles on Psalms 18-22. Prayer is answered when delivered in the name of Christ. Jacob's words start the Psalm (Psa 20:1, Gen 35:1-5, 1Ti 2:20). "God of Jacob" is: (1) used more often than Abraham or Issac; (2) the God of the frail, crooked and sinful. (3) He is the God of Mercy toward sinners. (4) The God of patience toward saints. (5) The God of transformation. The throne-room of God is referred to (Psa 20:2-3). The 5 levitical offering spoke of Christ: the primary "burnt" offering (Lev 1:3-11) - (1) spotless male speaks of sinlessness; (2) it had to be offered by freewill; (3) the placing of the hand on the head was identification of the sinless with sinners representing the substitutionary death; (4) it was acceptable, pointing to propitiation; (5) atonement "covered" or removed from sight (Heb 10:17). Christ's prayers and desires were answered (Psa 20:4; Heb 12:3). "Name" represents the fullness of character and power (Joh 1:12, Act 4:12, Joh 15:6). To ask the Father "in the name of Christ" means to pray consistent with His name, reputation and character (Psa 20:5, 1Jo 5:14-15). Christ knew His prayers were answered (Psa 20:6-9, Psa 22:19-21, Joh 19:30). David understood he was a type of the Messiah.

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