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Psalm 2 - A Prophecy of Christ

Psalm 2 - A Prophecy of Christ

Psa 84:7 those on the highway toward God He watches. The Psalms outline: Book #1 Chapters 1-41: coming death and victory of the Righteous Man on behalf of sinners. Book #2 Chapters 42-72: speaks of Providence of God in history and His sustaining and discipline of Israel. Book #3 Chapters 73-89: Remnant waiting for Messiahs return during tribulation. Book #4 Chapters 90-106: Messiah reigning in Zion during the Millennium. Book #5 Chapters 107-150: Ultimate triumph of God's righteous government during the new heavens and earth -- the Kingdom of God a universal reality. Psa 2:1-12 has four speakers and segments. (1) Psa 2:1-3 presents the voice of the world. Direct fulfillment of Jesus Christ's rejection (Joh 1:10-11, Joh 19:15, Act 4:24). (2) Second voice is Almighty God (Psa 4-6). He is Sovereignty seated in heaven, laughing at man, speaking to them in wrath (Rom 1:18) because of their rejection. Yet His King will prevail (Psa 2:6, Psa 48:2). (3) Third voice is of the Messiah himself (Psa 2:7-9). This proclamation was made on resurrection morning (Act 13:28-33, Rom 1:3-4). The Son has a right to ascend to the Throne (Psa 110:1-7). Messiah reflects on the promises of the Father (Psa 2:8). He has absolute authority; when Christ choses to execute judgment, the nations will be destroyed (Psa 2:9, Rev 19:15). (4) The fourth voice is the Holy Spirit (Psa 2:10-12). The voice of the Spirit is an invitation, holding out mercy. The Spirit extends a call to submission and service (Psa 2:10-11) -- joyful, humble and respectful. The voice of the Spirit is a call to faith (Psa 2:12, Psa 85:10).

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