Gene Cunningham - October 26, 2003

Psalm 2 - A Portrait of David

Psalm 2 - A Portrait of David

Psa 2:1-12 present the messiah in royal terms - as king and ruler. Takes the righteous man and identifies Him: anointed by God (Psa 2:2); ordained by God (Psa 2:6); son of God (Psa 2:7); and the Lord Himself (Psa 2:11). Psa 2 speaks of David as a type of Christ. David was challenged by kings around him. "Let us break those bonds" (Psa 2:3) The kings vainly act against the Messiah's sovereignty. David established his throne on Zion as a type of Christ (Psa 2:6, 1Sa 13:14). God the Father made promises to His Son (Psa 2:7-9). David, throughout the Psalms ask the Lord to deliver him from his enemies (Psa 2:8-9). "Be wise and be instructed" (Psa 2:10) means look to the Lord in humility. David is anointed as king (1Sa 16:7-13); he was hated by men. David was persecuted by Saul for 10 years. David begins to deliver Israel. He delivers Israel from the Amalekites. David is enthroned (2Sa 2-5). David takes the stronghold of Zion and it becomes the city of David (2Sa 5:6-10); he is given the Davidic covenant (2Sa 7). David's son is called God's Son. David's kingdom is constantly assaulted by heathen nations (2Sa 7:8-9). Some heathen kings chose to "kiss the son", but most hated him (2Sa 8:9, 2Sa 10:2, 1Ch 14:1). (1) Experience of David is a prophetic type of Christ. (2) The nations that hated David represent the world that hates Christ. (3) David's victories are reflected in the Psalms (Heb 5:7). "Godly fear" is the means of victory -- faith.

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