Gene Cunningham - October 26, 2003

Psalm 19 - Three Dominions of God

Psalm 19 - Three Dominions of God

Three dominions of God: (1) Universe - by virtue of the creation, having the effect of order, (2) Scripture - by virtue of the revelation, having the effect of wisdom and (3) Soul - by virtue of redemption, and displayed by love and mercy. Creation tends to make us feel insignificant (Psa 19:1-6). Creation has a message; its vastness is awesome, but He has "ordained praise" in the smallest, weakest member of the human race (Psa 8:1-9). The creation message is an invitation (Rom 1:18-20, Ecc 3:11, Rom 10:14-18). Creation illustrates redemption (Psa 19:4, Mal 4:2). The sun illustrates the coming of the Bridegroom (Psa 19:4-6). The morning star precedes the sun (2Pe 1:19, Rev 22:16) an illustrates the darkness or judgment before dawn (when Christ returns). The sun, moon and stars are a portrayal of redemption (Rev 12:1-5, Dan 12:3). Revelation, however, takes us further than creation ever could (Psa 19:7-11). "convert" means turning away from idols and back to God (Psa 19:7, 1Th 1:9-10). Spiritual growth is in view: "...making wise the simple". With spiritual growth comes the fruit of the spirit (Psa 19:8). The rewards of growth are not found in external blessings, but inner peace, joy and contentment. The path we are following leads us to Glory (Psa 19:9). Being filled with God's word is paramount (Psa 19:10-11, Jer 15:16, Job 23:12) - warning and reward in this life and after (Mat 6:4-6, Rev 22:12). Spirituality demands confession and correction (Psa 19:12-14, 1Jo 1:9, 1Jo 1:7). Spirituality results in sanctification in ministry and service (2Ti 3:16-17).

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