Gene Cunningham - October 26, 2003

Psalm 13 - When God Hides Himself

Psalm 13 - When God Hides Himself

Psa 13:1-6 was written by David being pursued by Saul. "How long?" David asks four times. He feels God has forgotten him and has a sense of deliberate divine absence (Psa 13:1). He is over-thinking without solutions (Psa 13:2). David has a sense of shame that his enemies have been exalted. Parallel illustration is Job (Job 13:20-28); Job asks why God is silent. Ethan asks "How Long?" (Psa 89:46-52) and links persecution with Christ (Messiah) and God's reputation. Other examples - unbelievers taunt "where is your God?", but we are being tested for fruit-bearing (Psa 44:20-26, Rom 8:36, Psa 42:9-11). Isaiah explains that God is a God that "hides himself" (Isa 45:15-19). (1) When God hides Himself it's for a special purpose; (2) God hides Himself as a test of faith; "Will we trust when times are dark?"; (3) God tests our devotion; "Will we continue to seek Him?"; He hides to show what's there in the heart; (4) God hides Himself as a test of spiritual endurance; "Will we carry on or give up?"; (5) God hides Himself as a test of past training.

Scripture References: Psalms 44:20-26, Psalms 89:46-52, Job 13:20-28, Psalms 13:2, Isaiah 45:15-19, Psalms 13:1, Psalms 42:9-11, Psalms 13:1-6, Romans 8:36

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