Gene Cunningham - October 26, 2003

Psalm 13 - Do We Walk by Faith or Sight?

Psalm 13 - Do We Walk by Faith or Sight?

Deep trail is a reminder of the close relation with God, our access to Him, our dependence on Him and His promises. "Enlighten my eyes" (Psa 19:8). Prayer works in conjunction with the word of God (Eph 1:18, Eph 3:16). Divine withdrawal is preventive -- we often need waking up from "sleep" (Psa 13:4, Rom 13:11-14, Eph 5:14, 1Th 5:5-8). Spiritual life is a divine partnership. David expects temporal deliverance (Psa 13:5-6). Contrast "..But, I have trusted in Your mercy...". We need to trust, rely, and rest in the living word because He is able (Jer 17:7, Psa 2:12, Psa 55:22, 1Pe 5:7). Promises using "Batach": (1) Deliverance (Psa 22:4); (2) God will answer our prayer (1Ch 5:20); (3) Divine guidance (Pro 3:5-6); (4) Ultimate joy (Psa 16:9, Psa 33:21); (5) Inner peace and deliverance from fear (Psa 4:8, Isa 26:3); (6) The boldness of a lion (Pro 28:1). Other promises using Batach: Pro 16:20, Isa 30:15, Jer 17:5-7, and Mat 24:13. David looks to future and rejoices (Psa 13:5) because when he looks to the past there has never been a time when God hasn't proved faithful (Psa 13:6). Paul illustrates Batach (2Co 1:8-10). Paul recognizes that the design of trial is to lose hope in anything but God. Paul also looks to the past to be encouraged about the present and future. In translating Batach into the Greek, "Peitho" is used in a negative sense when the passage meant to "trust in men", but "Elpizo" for trust, confidence, or hope in God. (1) The primary purpose of trials is to find out in our experience where we have placed our trust. (2) Deep trial is design to wean us of self-confidence and develop unconditional reliance on God. (3) God knows exactly when and how to bring us through trials. (4) The only correct response is to seek Him diligently in His Word and through supplicating prayer apart from which we can never pass the test and reach the moment of rejoicing. (5) False reliance is doomed to fail; only a personal trust in God's faithfulness and character is going to carry us through.

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